• Lose weight easily

    Divide and lose weight
    Many people believe that food intake is a great way to lose weight. But this way of eating solves the problems of digestion rather than excess weight. If the body is disturbed by the secretion of enzymes, separate food is optimal and comfortable for digestion. Food, entering the stomach separately, is digested faster, does not lie in the intestines, does not cause fermentation processes, a person feels light and seems to lose weight. But, dropping a few kilograms at the very beginning of the transition to separate food, a person will stop losing weight - if you do not reduce portions of food.
    “After six - no, no!”
    Under this slogan live, many slimming. But for some reason do not lose weight. Apparently, because they cannot fall asleep on an empty stomach, and everyone knows that chronic lack of sleep leads to weight gain. In addition, an almost twelve-hour break in food is harmful to the digestive system and even leads to hungry stomach pains, which also cause you not to fall asleep. Meanwhile, experts believe that it is necessary to eat after six in the evening, and those who dine at nine in the evening are more easily tolerated by any restrictions on food.The question is what should be eaten at dinner, so that there is good for the health and no harm to the figure.
    Keep an active lifestyle
    It is believed that exercise and prolonged exposure to fresh air increase appetite. But, as scientists from the University of Massachusetts found out, idleness enhances it even more. As a result of their experiments, it turned out that those who are lying on the couch all day are eating 15% more than those who lead an active lifestyle.
    Physically busy people have no time to think about food. In addition, sedentary inhibition inhibits the production of hormones that cause a feeling of satiety. So it turns out that, moving a little, we eat more, and we cannot burn the received calories.
    Scientists and nutritionists are alarmed about the fact that people eat from 36 to 56 kg of sugar per year. Fast carbohydrates are a more formidable enemy of the figure than even saturated fats. But the sugar that a person receives from fruits, berries and honey, the body is enough.
    The most important problem of humanity is excessive salt intake. The substance is necessary for the human body to regulate metabolism, maintain a constant composition of blood and conduction of nerve impulses. But for this it is enough that chlorine and sodium, which is already contained in food.
    In antiquity, when salt was more precious than gold, only a few could eat it, and humanity did not die out. But sugar production was put on stream only at the end of the XVIII century. So it turns out that you can refuse it altogether, and limit salt to 3-5 g per day. Nothing but benefits to the figure and health, this will not happen.

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