• "Lee" - what part of the speech?

    Kristina Firsova
    Kristina Firsova
    February 26, 2013
    "Lee" - what part of the speech?

    The word "li" - what part of speech? Remember: the word "li" is a particle. Often “whether” is used in interrogative sentences: “Today a very interesting film is being shown, will you go to the cinema with us?”. It can also be used as an uncertain question: “Something is getting very stuffy, isn't it to the rain?”. Another example of the use of this particle is the formation of a confident judgment, which contains one or another negative or positive assessment: “Not afraid to go alone against all, well, is it not a daredevil?”.

    Based on the foregoing, it can be concluded that "li" is a particle. Now you know the answer to the question about the word "li".

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