• Lady Fly, or How to do everything

    Lady Fly, or How to do everythingSurely every hostess knows the situation when you come home and just do not know what to grab in the first place. And it is necessary to feed the family, and it would not hurt to get out of the house, take a walk with the dog and do the lessons, and a bunch of other things just pile on immediately. We suggest that you familiarize yourself with the Flyledi system, or, in Russian, the Jet hostesses.

    What is a fly lady

    Fly lady is not just a way of life, it is a whole system that helps us correctly, and most importantly on time, to organize everything and everyone around us. In Russian Fly lady translates as flying or even hovering lady. That is, a woman who looks and feels not a “driven horse”, but a queen. How often do we forget about washing and ironing about ourselves, we have neither the time nor the energy for makeup, hairstyle or manicure. And all because we do not properly distribute our time and waste energy in vain. And as a result, by the end of the day we feel like a squeezed lemon.

    The postulates of this mistress

    In order to become a jet hostess, you do not need to introduce any special innovations, you just need to make your working schedule differently.
    Lady Fly, or How to do everything
    Here are the main commandments of this Lady Fly:

    • We pay special attention to the kitchen sink. It should always sparkle;
    • We throw away old greasy slippers and a washed-up robe. One must always look good;
    • stick to morning and evening rituals, it disciplines and sets the right pace;
    • limit to a minimum computer games, social networking and talking on the phone;
    • Put things in their places at once. They read the book and put it on the shelf, took off their shoes - and the shoes were immediately removed;
    • do everything in turn. Do not immediately start washing, cooking and ironing. Nothing good will come of this;
    • really count your strength. Ironing - 1 hour, not 30 minutes, cooking 30-40 minutes, etc .;
    • indulge and encourage yourself every day. Make a manicure, read your favorite magazine, listen to good music;
    • Do not "stretch" the work. Quickly completed the task - and free for the whole evening;
    • smile more often and tune yourself and others to the positive;
    • laugh heartily.Laughter prolongs our life and makes it easier and more pleasant. Do not deprive yourself of such joy.


    Useful recommendations

    Lady Fly, or How to do everything
    Do not expect that your house will start to shine and shine in a minute. Allocate for cleaning no more than 30 minutes a day, and soon the positive results will be noticeable not only to you, but also to your household. Get a notebook or notebook to plan and distribute cases for a week. Also, you can enter the achievements here, in order to reread them at especially difficult times. Be prepared to change old useless habits. Move gradually and gradually. Do not clutch at all at once. Listen to the recommendations, but adjust them for you. Do not be selfish, give the opportunity to her husband and children to prove themselves, and at the same time and help you. Do not stop halfway, the main thing - do not give up.
    Life is too short to heroically sacrifice itself to dirty dishes or rubbing the floors to shine. If you think that by constantly grunting and charging yourself with the whole life, you will cause someone's pity or an assessment of your titanic work, you are deeply mistaken. Stop being a hostage to your own beliefs and habits.Start living for yourself and your loved ones, not for rags and iron. Love Flyladi inside yourself, and you will definitely succeed.

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