• Jewelery from sewing accessories: infinite variety of interesting ideas

    By: Angela Chenina

    I present the following interesting finds to the attention of my colleagues:) For me, jewelry made from fabric has always been associated primarily with silk flowers, and I was surprised that fabric can be used quite differently in creating jewelry.

    At first, I accidentally saw jewelry made from scraps of fabric. I began to look for similar ones ... and it turned out that there is a whole segment of costume jewelry made from the remnants of sewing accessories, either from scraps or small pieces of fabric. It can be said that waste-free production 🙂 The remaining buttons, shreds from cutting, rudders, cords, cut seams from old jeans, buckles - everything goes in business.

    I suggest to look and be surprised 🙂

    I'll start with zippers ... What is it that they don’t get up with!

    I was quite surprised by this simple reception.Everything is very simple - a long strip of fabric, remaining, say, from cutting, plus a jewel string or just a thread ... And look what interesting forms are obtained. By the way, if you insert beads between folds of fabric or cord (as in the ornament on the left), it turns out very nice, I have already tried 🙂

    It is interesting, by the way, how they get out of the situation if the edges of the fabric are loose and the corrugated strip is not sewn at first like a rudder ...

    Another amazing way to use scrap is beads twisted from strips of fabric.

    And here, maybe, from above, also covered with varnish and something like perlex or golden paint?

    Similar rolls, rolls, but located flat…

    The bracelet must have been made on a familiar spiral base.

    Here, in my opinion, not a fabric is twisted, but some kind of plastic with a pattern. But still an interesting find.

    Maybe it's not fabric, but paper? ..

    Such bracelets just touched me 🙂 There is something homely, cozy in them ...

    But such necklaces, sometimes real necklaces, can be made from old T-shirts. If you cut their knitted fabric across, it curls into beautiful strips.

    It is often said that such decorations are suitable only for girls ... but not only 🙂

    "Wrapped" bracelets come across often. As far as I understand, inside there is a bracelet blank, and the winding of strips of fabric probably rests on glue - something like a “moment-of-crystal” should fit.

    And the decorative element ...

    Cords and threads ...

    Fimo or is it cloth? I don’t know 🙂 But this can also be done from fabric.

    Two lovely and very unusual brooches. Trying to understand what the white parts are made of.

    Plastic? Now there are 3D printers, on which it is quite possible to print.

    Or maybe a thin layer of polymer, cut by catters or a knife? But for cutters the pattern of the pattern is very much the same - and the felling ...

    Just before sending the publication, I googled up a description of these brooches.

    Eleanor Kennell - Brooch (enamel, copper, decal, colored pencil, fabric, sterling silver)

    So it seems to be metal and, probably, laser cutting, and the pattern is probably painted.

    Live and learn…

    One of the ways to use very tiny patches 🙂

    And denim, of course. Rollers from denim seams - a great idea, the fabric from old jeans, I often let the gasket cuffs and collars, but the cut seams were thrown away.

    A little lace ...

    Buttons. You can find a lot of button jewelery on the net.Bracelets and necklaces with pendants from buttons are the most frequent option.

    But this fabric is well known to me - the curtain, from such a curtain I have 🙂 Very nice fabric, and the bracelets from it are cute. In such models, of course, there is not too much fabrication, it’s all about the fabric itself ...

    Here is also a simple decoration, which I, nevertheless, liked.

    Of course, in fact, it’s just a ribbon, but even in such simple versions it looks great - and children can make it, and a tonal-style bracelet can be built in fifteen minutes ... especially with those stocks of beads and accessories, which usually happens to needlewomen

    And a few more interesting models.

    Cloth this or something like decoupage - I do not know, maybe my colleagues will prompt 🙂

    I especially liked these buckle pendants. I have plenty of buckles - it's a pity to throw it away, but how to use it is not clear.

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