• Isabeli Fontana married in a swimsuit

    If you thought about the perfect wedding dress for a solemn ceremony on the ocean, pay attention to the choice of angel Victoria’s Secret, model Isabeli Fontana! The bride looked amazing in the snow-white wedding ... bikini! On the wedding day, she abandoned the classics and decided to experiment: put on an absolutely transparent dress made of tulle, under which there was nothing but a bikini and a strapless bodice. A unique wedding look came up with the Brazilian beachwear brand Agua de Coco, in which swimsuits the model has defiled more than once in the past.

    Well, if you think about it, then who, if not the star of Sports Illustrated Swimsuit, should say “yes” in one bikini and not shock the groom's parents !? By the way, Isabeli's newly-born spouse, Diego Ferrero, did not dare to give an oath of allegiance in swimming trunks, but rather successfully combined a white linen shirt and trousers with a jacket to match.

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