• Is it worth doing fitness at home?

    To decide whether to go in for sports at home, you first need to weigh the pros and cons. Let's start withconssuch occupations.
    Firstly, there is no coach near you, a professional who will say that you are doing wrong or will give valuable advice. At home you can easily get hurt because of your own ignorance, or you can do some kind of exercise incorrectly, which means to no avail.
    Secondly, it is sometimes difficult to find free space for training. In some programs you need to actively jump and move. And how can you move freely in a small room the size of "a couple of meters for a couple of meters"?
    Thirdly, the notorious motivation, which is often so lacking. Imagine that you, tired after a hard day's work, have returned home. And there you are already waiting for a dedicated refrigerator, an alluring computer and a favorite sofa. Not everyone has enough willpower to put a disk with a workout and how to work.
    But do not forget about the golden words "there would be a desire ...".If sports are really needed, then everything will work out for you.
    The advantages are no less obvious: there is no need after work at breakneck speed to run to the gym or to practice, laying out the hard-earned money for each lesson. He came home, practiced an hour of sports - and that’s all, he was free.
    Now in online stores (and in regular stores too) you will find just a sea of ​​various programs for practicing at home. Yoga? Of course, choose. Aerobics? Please, here is a selection of dozens of great videos. Latin American dances? And it can be found without much difficulty.
    As well as self-study is a reason for pride: you cut the time between work and household chores, and devote it not to lying on the couch, but to self-improvement.
    Consider the huge importancewarm up and hitch, listen to your feelings during the session. Do not overpower yourself, do not work through pain and tears, however, you also do not need to feel sorry for yourself.
    And, probably, the most important thing is to find the very program that will suit you in all respects, from pleasure to the results. Dare, search, try.

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