• Interesting design options corridor in the apartment (11 photos)

    For some reason, most people, when they decide on such a responsible job as repair, pay their attention to all the rooms, trying, as comfortably as possible, to equip the bedroom, the nursery, the living room and other rooms of the apartment, completely forgetting about the corridor.

    Stylish corridor design photo

    A good half, at best, are costing by sticking new wallpapers and installing several fixtures, considering that this is quite enough. And the rest of the less fortunate, their corridor is often more like a small hallway, so it is rather difficult to come up with something modern and comfortable in it.

    But do not despair, any problem has a solution, especially such a minor one. What is essentially a corridor? Most often it is a long, elongated room that is not equipped with windows, but it is overflowed with doors and doorways.

    Interior design options corridor photo

    But there are even worse options; the entire corridor is replaced by one small hallway, which has a square or rectangular shape.If you do not pay proper attention to this room, namely, to arrange the furniture correctly and successfully design it, then this zone can simply remain “dead”, in which you only slip from room to room every day.

    Such a luxury is simply inadmissible, given the consistently small dimensions of modern apartments. But if everything is done correctly, then a good half of the things that eat up the main living space can be moved to the corridor.

    Decorative elements play a role in interior design.

    There is a considerable number of options for an interesting design of the corridor, it completely depends on the size of the corridor itself, as well as on the size of the apartment as a whole.

    It is also necessary not to forget that in order for the dwelling to turn out not only functional, it is both stylish and modern, it is necessary to observe general notes of the same style throughout the apartment, and the corridor is no exception.

    Also, do not forget that the corridor is the first room that meets your guests in your house, passing through it, they have an opinion about your house, so it’s very important that they see a thoughtful interior and warm atmosphere around them.

    Color design

    Naturally, the moment of the color solution is very important, because it will depend on it the visual perception of the room, as well as its visual volumes. Most importantly, if you want to trace the overall design of an apartment in all rooms, it is the ability to observe an equilibrium game of accents.

    Bright and mirror corridor photo

    After all, it is not necessary to glue the same wallpaper everywhere in order to comply with the overall design, it is enough to add a decorative element in the corridor that will be the same color as the main elements of the decor and decor of another room.

    For example, if in the living room coffee-colored sofas or pillows, paintings and furniture elements, then in the corridor you can install the same color and stylistics lamp, or install a similar chest.

    Most often, the walls of the corridor are decorated in soft and pastel colors, the most popular are beige, pale pink, shades of cocoa and champagne, pale green and pale blue colors.

    Interesting color solution photo

    This design is obtained unobtrusive, it allows you to complement the decor with bright elements and decorative furniture. If you would like to see your corridor in more joyful and life-affirming colors, then you can choose bright green or lilac colors, it is very easy to combine other shades and details.

    It is absolutely not necessary to paint or glue all the walls with such bright wallpaper, you can adhere to the principle of 3/4 or 2/3, when the lower part is bright, and the upper one - calm and restrained or, conversely.

    Interesting version of the corridor design

    Design a small corridor

    If you can not boast of a long and spacious corridor, then it does not matter, even from a tiny area you can get a spacious and functional room. Naturally, the lighter the walls will be, the room will appear visually wider and more spacious.

    The closets with mirrored doors can come to the aid, they will perfectly replace the hooks, hangers and countless shelves that are habitual for us, but this will help only if there is a niche in the corridor for it.

    Interesting design of the corridor

    If you do not have one, and the room is very tiny, you will have to do with a simple hanger, which looks like a board on the wall, as well as small shelves that will serve to store hats, gloves and other small things. If there is a corner in the room, then it can be equipped with a small built-in cabinet where shoes will be stored.

    Choosing furniture in a small corridor, you must be guided by the basic rule - it should be light and minimal, without excessive patterns, carved decors and heaps.

    You also should not forget about the lighting, as the corridor, even though it is small, although small, is rarely provided with windows.

    A small corridor can do with a center lamp, although smaller lamps, distributed along the perimeter of the ceiling or walls, can be much more interesting. If the corridor is long, then the center lamp may not be enough, so it is better to add a few side wall sconces, which, of course, should harmoniously fit into the whole image of the apartment.

    What to choose the design of the corridor

    Design of a long corridor in the house

    A long corridor often gives the impression of an endless dark tunnel, and often even useless. What can you think of in this case? If the corridor is indeed very long, then it is better to shatter it zonally, for example, to make a sectional floor of tile or laminate, such segmentation will give a certain completeness to the corridor, it will cease to resemble an endless and boring pipe.

    In order to narrow the corridor visually began to appear wider, it is better to arrange the walls in bright colors.

    If the corridor is quite wide, then it can also be made functional, for example, making the walls shallow open shelves into which you can put a lot of books, as well as decorative trifles that will create a cozy atmosphere.

    Classic corridor design photo

    Thus, the corridor from the usual passage room, turn into a small home library. In order to ensure that after installation of the shelves the corridor does not look heavily cluttered, the color of furniture should be performed in light colors, and also do not forget about bright lighting, because you need to see what you are taking from the shelf.

    Photo of corridor design

    If you are not satisfied with open shelves, you can beat the design of the corridor with another idea: to install narrow and low cabinets that will outwardly resemble a parapet, only with doors. On top of them you can put photos, pictures or figurines, and inside the lockers to keep every little thing, which was not a place in the main premises.

    Corridor in bright colors

    By the way, art lovers can turn a long corridor into a small picture gallery, hanging all the walls with pictures and frames, and you can manage only a few, but large works of art. And one more thing, going to choose the floor, remember that the corridor is a very passable part of the house, so it's better not to save on materials, otherwise in a couple of years you'll have to do repairs again.

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