• Interesting clothes for animals with their own hands

    Although animals have hair, they can still freeze, especially in cold winter. Pet stores sell clothes for dogs and cats, but as a rule, they are quite expensive. Do you want your pet to not freeze and at the same time look stunning on walks? Make clothes for him with your own hands!

    Fashion cat

    The main stages of making clothes for animals

    The manufacture of clothes for animals consists of several main stages:

    1. Measurements. They are necessary for the finished thing to fit in size and sit well. If the animal is very active, then making measurements will be quite difficult. It is best to do this, for example, after an active game. If your pet is fast asleep and does not wake up from mechanical stress, then measure it during sleep. Do everything carefully so as not to scare your pet.
    2. The second option - drawing patterns. This process may seem complicated to many, but in fact, if you know the basic rules and some features, then everything will work out. And yet, if you could not make a pattern yourself, do not despair.You can use ready-made patterns. In addition, there are special computer programs designed specifically for drawing patterns. You will only need to set the necessary parameters and transfer the drawing to paper.
    3. Then the pattern is transferred to the fabric. If the material is light, use a special tailor's pencil or a fading marker. If the fabric is dark, a piece of chalk will fit, which is easily removed.
    4. Now it is necessary to cut out all the details of the fabric. Use handy tailor shears with sharp blades, otherwise the cuts will be sloppy and uneven.
    5. Then all the parts must be put together, sewing them together with threads. You can sew both manually and on a sewing machine.

    If you are a real needlewoman, who skillfully handles knitting needles, then you can certainly knit original, comfortable and warm clothes for your pet. To do this, you will need to find a suitable scheme.

    What materials can I use?


    How to choose a fabric? To determine the choice, consider the following important points:

    1. Pet activity. If he constantly runs and moves a lot, then it is better to choose an elastic material that will not prevent the animal from moving and hampering its movement.
    2. Season.It is clear that for sewing winter clothing, you should use thick, insulated materials, while summer clothes should be made of breathable and thin fabrics. But demi-season clothing should be sewn from waterproof or at least anti-moisture materials.
    3. Quality. If you care about the comfort and health of your pet, then select high-quality fabrics.

    Most preferred materials:

    • Moisture-proof fabrics for demi-season items: double-sided impregnated raincoat fabric, waterproof taffeta, bologna.
    • Fabrics for warm autumn or spring: denim, microfiber, bike.
    • The following materials are suitable for winter: knitted fur, stretch fabric with fleece, fleece, wool, cashmere, as well as bologna or raincoat with insulation.
    • For sewing home wear you can use flannel, knitwear.
    • It is best to sew exhibition items from noble and expensive fabrics such as satin, silk, velvet, velor and so on.

    If the thing assumes the presence of lining fabric, then make sure that it is pleasant to the touch and does not have a relief or rough texture. It is best to use a practical and warm enough synthetic winterizer as a heater.

    By the way, if you have old and unnecessary things in your closet, then use them. For example, a torn jacket or old, worn jeans can get a second life.

    How to do?

    How to make clothes for animals with your own hands? We offer you interesting ideas.

    Option One

    Dogs often walk, and to protect your pet's paws from freezing, make warm and beautiful shoes for him. Here's what you need:

    • leather or rubber for the sole;
    • waterproof material (you can use the skin);
    • insulation;
    • scissors;
    • paper and pencil to create patterns;
    • Velcro (4 pieces in total);
    • material for insoles (you can use the usual insoles designed for people);
    • fur edge.

    Preparation method:

    1. First, take your measurements. Circle the paw circumference at the widest point along with the claws. Measure the diameter of the circle obtained. This will be a segment AB. Remember that often the front paws are slightly larger than the hind legs, so measure them individually.
    2. Now measure the height from the carpal joint to the ground. This will be a segment of CX.
    3. Now you can begin to create patterns. First draw a circle whose diameter is equal to the diameter of the paw circumference (i.e. the segment AB).
    4. Then you need to build a rectangle.Its width will be equal to the height from the ground to the carpal joint (segment CX). To determine the length of the rectangle, add about 3-5 centimeters to the circumference. You got a piece of DD1. Immediately mark the segment CX.
    5. Now transfer the patterns to the materials for the tops. In total, 8 identical parts from the base material and 4 from insulation will be required. Do not forget to add 2-3 cm for the seams and about 1 cm for the retainer. Lay the insulation between the two layers of the base material, sew the details SDD1S1 and turn out.
    6. Sew velcro along line XX1 so that its parts overlap each other. Sew the hard part partially, and the soft fleece completely.
    7. Now cut the sole. Transfer the circle to the rubber and insoles, adding 2 centimeters to the seams. A total of 4 parts are required from each material.
    8. Sew to the top of the sole, retreating 1.5 centimeters, so that the sides of the CD and C1D1 overlap each other.
    9. Fold up the edge of the sole and stitch it.
    10. Insert the insole.
    11. Decorate the edges of the tops of fur.
    12. Such shoes are suitable for cats.

    Option Two

    Chic dog

    Pet clothes are usually expensive, but the jumpsuit suggested below will cost you a lot. For tailoring you will need:

    • baby stretch tights;
    • scissors;
    • sewing machine;
    • buttons.

    Preparation method:

    1. Cut off the pantyhose legs, leaving about 5-6 centimeters. Sharpen the edges of the shorts using an overlock seam.
    2. Do not throw out the trousers, cut off the socks, and work the edges with a seam overlock so that they do not dissolve. You got straps future overalls.
    3. Now, sweat the wide parts of the straps to the bottom of the overalls, which will be located on the animal's tummy. Sew loop to the narrow edge of each strap, for example, from laces.
    4. Now to the top of the overalls in places where the straps will be fastened, sew buttons. Done!

    Option Three

    A simple jumpsuit can be made from the leg or sleeve of an unnecessary item. In the photo, he looks very original. You will need:

    • unnecessary leg or sleeve (depending on the size of the animal);
    • scissors;
    • thread and needle.

    Preparation method:

    1. Cut a length of sleeve that is equal to the length of the animal from neck to tail. Edge process with overlock seam.
    2. Now, mark the places where the paws will be located, and cut out circles of diameter equal to the claw of the paw. Process the slices. Done!

    Let your pet feel comfortable while walking.

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