• In Thailand, pregnant: can I go on vacation?

    Ivan Orlov
    Ivan Orlov
    September 29, 2016
    In Thailand, pregnant: can I go on vacation?

    Is it dangerous to be pregnant in Thailand? This question is asked by many couples who have already bought vouchers or have plans to change the dank winter to a sunny beach. We'll have to disappoint, there are a number of risks to the health of mom and baby.

    The dangers of paradise

    Let's start with the flight. Many airlines refuse services to passengers in an interesting position at a later date, sometimes even with a certificate-permit, worrying about safety for the fetus. Whether it is possible to fly with pregnancy in early periods to Thailand, the obstetrician-gynecologist, who is observing the patient, will tell you, but the woman will have to decide all the responsibility.

    Further acclimatization and change of situation. High humidity, stuffiness, heat, unusual environment are heavily tolerated by ordinary people, what to say about pregnant women, in whom all feelings are exacerbated to the limit! Food poisoning, malaise, infections, difficult conditions are contraindicated for pregnant women,for with the mother, the baby will also take medicine, in which only everything is laid and formed.

    Medical aspect. Pregnant women in Thailand, of course, are seen by a doctor in a hospital, they do the necessary screening and ultrasound, they give birth to babies. All this is paid for either with special insurance (if you are going to fly a pregnant woman to Thailand, you must issue it), or in cash at the cash desk. Often the medical staff is fluent in English, often with clinics there is a Russian translator. Whether the future mother will be able to clearly explain her feelings to a simple translator, and the translator can bring this to the doctor - an open question.

    However, it happens that at the resort the Russians are served only in one institution (this is due to the availability of an interpreter, insurance points), and more often it is an analogue of the emergency room. It is clear that pregnant women in such a place will not feel comfortable and will not receive adequate attention.

    It should also be noted that the Russian approach to the management of pregnancy differs in the direction of greater care and anxiety on many occasions, whereas in Thailand the European system is widespread. There, up to 20 weeks, the fetus is a biomaterial, and not a baby, a calm attitude to bleeding, hypertonia, a great concern for the health of the mother than for the baby.

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