• If movie heroines wore items from new collections ...

    Illustrator Benjamin Seidler does not agree with the fact that our favorite movie characters must walk in things that have long gone out of fashion. Girlfriends from "Sex and the City", "Legally Blonde", "Bridget Jones" and others he changes into clothes from the new collections of Prada, Vetements, Givenchy ... So, Jack Dawson looks out from under the hood of Vetements, Holly Golaytli is not limited to dresses wearing a Givenchy hat, and wearing a piercing, Andy Saks from “The Devil Wears Prada” is ready to exchange his soul for a new park from Demny Gvasalia, Deineris Targaryen leads his army, draped into Prada anorak, like a corset, and El Woods is a clever, beautiful, president University Women's Club - Coming in Pink Comme Mini Des Garçons.

    The idea of ​​dressing came to Benjamin Seidler after watching the comedy "Mean Girls" in which the heroine Rachel McAdams looked completely outdated. “But the girls from the 2000s would like to imitate her ... Today, she would never have worn these rags, but would have dressed in Vetements,” he thought and did not notice how he dressed her in a DHL shirt.Since then, his @benjaminseidler account has been replenished with all new funny collages. Subscribe and you do not miss anything.

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