• Ideas for a small country house: great opportunities for small spaces

    If you look at the small dachas, then often the solutions that are found in small spaces are more interesting and more beautiful than those where there was no shortage of space.

    A very practical solution is to use the area under the roof for a bed in the country. In addition, in the cold season at the top of the bed will be warmer than the bottom, tk. warm air from the stove will rise up.

    No matter how small your cottage is, good planning is the key to success. Is it about a tiny house of 10 sq.m. or about a big country house, hastily and impulsively taken decisions are unlikely to bring success. Take your time, familiarize yourself with successful examples of the plans of a country house, make a plan based on them.

    Discuss the wishes of each family member for the future home. If for someone it is not difficult to use the toilet on the street, then for small children or true citizens, having a warm toilet in the house is another important plus in the country life outside the city.

    Use of a dry closet will allow to solve this problem as quickly and simply as possible. All you need is a closed corner in a country house, where you can install a dry closet.

    If you hold the water in a country house or cost water storage, the construction of an improvised shower stall will not be difficult.

    You can use such a shower according to the principle of a summer shower. Put on top of the water tank, heating the water by hand on the stove. And if there is no drain, then after bathing take out the water into the yard.

    Even if your country house is quite small, the presence of a small hallway at the entrance will immediately create a favorable impression of the house as a whole.

    Attic space in a country house can be used as an additional summer berth. And it is not necessary to make the stairs up from the house. Teenagers and young people can easily take advantage of the usual ladder to the attic. But they will be satisfied with the presence of their own room in the country.

    A bathroom in a country house is often made near the kitchen. Since if the water from the artesian well is brought into the house, then it is better to place all the nodes that consume water in the house, such as a kitchen sink, shower and toilet, as compact as possible.So you will reduce the length of the pipes that will need to be carried out at home, and therefore reduce the complexity of engineering communications, their cost and increase their reliability.

    A small cottage has enormous interesting opportunities in the crayfish of a skilled and thoughtful host.

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