• I want to buy a car, but I don�t have enough money, what should I do?

    I matured in order to buy a car. But the new money is not enough. What would you do in my place? Have you got used? Or would issue a loan? By the way, can you tell me in which bank in Novosibirsk it is possible to take a loan for a car profitably?
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    I would start to look at the cars with mileage. It is better to take this than half the life of a loan to repay. And if fired from work?
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    Fedor King
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    I would take what I want. Want to run? Take with mileage. Want a new one? Take a loan And even more profitable - leasing. I know that you can lease cars in Novosibirsk through this company. As a result, the amount you need to pay will be less. Compared with the loan. And leasing has many other advantages.
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    I'd rather wait and save money for a new one. So you really need to buy a car this minute? If earlier they coped without it, then you can still have a little time.

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