• I can not believe that such beauty can be made from ordinary lightning

    The zipper can be used not only as a fastener. Here are five examples of how to create a spectacular decoration with their own hands.

    Braided bracelet of two zippers

    You will need:

    • Two identical fasteners;
    • two clips for jewelry lock;
    • scissors; round nose pliers

    To begin with, cut one edge at each zipper and remove the latches. Divide the halves to get three equal parts. Arrange the three strips so that the clasp is on one side and the fabric part is on the other. Align the edges of the three parts, overlapping them, and secure with a clip. Weave from strips not very dense pigtail on the size of a wrist. At the end, fix the strips with the second clip, and attach the lock.

    Simple denim bracelet

    You will need:

    • Metal zipper based on denim fabric;
    • clips and lock for jewelry;
    • scissors and pliers

    Wind the zipper around the wrist and cut off the excess part. Align the ends on both sides, overlapping each other and secure with clamps. Attach to the bracelet lock. Such jewelry can be worn either buttoned or unbuttoned - in whole or in part.

    Bracelet in the form of a cord

    You will need:

    • 2 long zips with metal teeth;
    • clip and lock for jewelry;
    • a small ring in the color of the metal zipper;
    • scissors, round pliers

    Measure the length of your wrist (with a small allowance) and increase it by two and a half times. Cut off the entire tissue part without damaging the zipper itself, and then connect the dogs with a ring. On the other hand, connect the two fasteners with a clip, placing them in one line. Wear the bracelet by wrapping it around your wrist.

    Narrow colored bracelets

    You will need:

    • Multi-colored fasteners with plastic teeth;
    • one pair of clips and one lock on each bracelet;
    • scissors, round pliers

    Cut away all fabric and excess zipper length. Secure one clip to the cut end side. Then undo the lock and secure the second clip, after cutting off the zipper clips. Attach a lock to each bracelet.

    Bracelet with a complex pattern

    You will need:

    • 3 identical zippers;
    • sticky tape;
    • nippers, scissors;
    • toothpicks;
    • clear glue

    Initially, the base for the bracelet is made from zippers. For this, the length is measured and the strips are glued together, overlapping to achieve the desired width. Velcro attached at edges. From the remaining metal parts need to make decor. Cut the entire fabric and cut the ribbon out of the teeth with nippers. Spread your favorite pattern on the bracelet, fixing it with glue (it is more convenient to work with toothpicks). Wait until it dries completely before you try it on.

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