• How are twins born?

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    How are twins born?

    Gemini is a rare but beautiful phenomenon in human nature and a double (or even more than one) happiness (or shock) for future parents. Their appearance is due to the characteristics of fertilization in the body of a woman. Often the likelihood of a multiple pregnancy can be inherited.

    The origin of two lives

    During fertilization, the sperm reaches the egg, which was formed in one of the female ovaries. Then it moves towards the uterus, and the embryo starts to develop from it. But sometimes it happens that in one cycle two or more eggs mature (they can form in the same ovary or in different ones), which are successfully fertilized. That's why twins are born.

    From this point on, the embryos develop independently. Each has its own childish place and grows in its fetal egg. It turns out that the twins came from two different eggs and are called dvuyaytsevym.

    Sometimes a woman can form a cell with a large nucleus and a double number of chromosomes. If she meets with the male cell, which also has many chromosomes, then identical twins will be born after such a �meeting�. This happens quite rarely. But children born into the world, as a rule, of the same sex, are very similar in appearance, sometimes they are difficult to distinguish by their parents. Even their mental development is the same.

    However, it is possible to find out that not one, but several fruits develop in the womb of the mother, not immediately, but only on the first planned ultrasound at 11-12 weeks.


    There are some features of how twins are born. Quite often, there is a delayed onset of labor, as the uterine muscles are strongly stretched. The disclosure period itself can last up to several days. All this is called the primary weakness of contractions. Such genera are different from the usual greater blood loss (1 liter or more).

    In general, childbirth is favorable, if the twins have a headache presentation, that is, are located in the womb heads down. Despite weakness, the uterus can still work quite vigorously.Then one of the fetal bubbles bursts and the first twin is born. After some time, the uterus begins to contract again and the second child is born. Afterbirths are separated only after the birth of both babies.

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