• How to write theses?

    Alik Mullahmetov
    Alik Mullahmetov
    April 4, 2013
    How to write theses?

    Each person in his life goes through various so-called “schools of life”. These include a kindergarten, school, university, graduate school, and later work. And at each stage a person learns something. For example, in kindergarten, a child learns to communicate, at school - to be diligent and responsible, at the institute - to use ingenuity, in graduate school - to train willpower, at the workplace - to do the work assigned to him responsibly and well.

    Assistant Theses

    At many stages of life, a person is given a job that will generalize all his knowledge at this stage. This is a scientific work, a report, a performance in public, etc. In schools, these are conferences, at universities their term papers, and so on. Mankind has come up with brief paragraphs-assistants that help to speak and not lose thought before the audience, these paragraphs are called theses.

    There are several points that you definitely need to pay attention to in writing abstracts. So, how to write theses? There is nothing complicated about it.The most important thing is to single out in your work what you consider to be the main thing, on which it is worth making an emphasis, which may be of interest to the public to whom you speak. So we answered the first question about how to write abstracts to work.

    The second and, perhaps, the most important question: how to write theses correctly? At first it seems difficult, but in reality, this is far from the case. It is important to write theses without deviating from the topic. Do not forget what you are talking about, and do not go far to the side. Write about what you intend to say, briefly summarize what you want to tell the audience before which you will speak.

    The third question is also quite relevant: how to write scientific theses? A scientific thesis is your thought, formulated by a scientific language. When writing such abstracts, do not use colloquial speech, and even less jargon.

    Also remember that your assistants, theses should not take up a lot of space, no more than two pages. Work on the formulation of theses. Abstracts should be written in literary or scientific language, understandable to the audience. Thesis is a generalized thought, a hint.So, theses are written to remind the person what thought he should reveal in an oral presentation, and what should be repelled in his story. In no case should abstracts be a complete copy of what you are saying, you should not read a piece of paper, you should only rely on the main points highlighted in the theses. If the abstracts are drawn up correctly and in a logical sequence, then your presentation based on them will pass brilliantly!

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