• How to write a name in English?

    Elena Krylova
    Elena Krylova
    February 19, 2013
    How to write a name in English?

    Nowadays, we often have to write our names in English, for example, to receive a credit card or passport. But it is not always easy to do this, especially if your knowledge of English is limited to the level of junior high school. Therefore, you need to know exactly how to write your name in English correctly. Otherwise, an incorrectly spelled name can be a big problem when drawing up documents.

    I was lucky for those whose letters in the name correspond to the letters of the English language: Marina Ivanova - Marina Ivanova, Vsevolod Petrov - Vsevolod Petrov. All the rest should study the following table to know in which case what letter is written.

    Table of correspondence of Russian and English letters

    A a TO k X kh = h
    B b L l C ts
    AT v M m H ch
    R g H n Sh sh
    D d ABOUT o U shch
    E e P p B -
    Ё Yo = o R r S y
    F zh FROM s B y
    H z T t Uh e
    AND i Have u YU yu
    AND i F ph I ya

    Some letters can not be transferred at all. In English, there are no b and b signs:

    • Igor Kotelnikov - Igor Kotelnikov.Sometimes at the end of such names as Daria, Sophia, Ilya is written YA:
    • Darya - Daria, Ilya - Ilya.
    • Letters Y and Y are transmitted as Y:

      Krylov Andrey - Krylov Andrey

    • The endings in the surnames YY and YI are also designated as Y: Anatoly Cherny - Anatoly Cherny

    Vowels E, Y, Yu, I

    How to write the name in English, if it contains these letters? The vowels E and E are written as E if they sound like [`E] and [E]:

    • Vera Semina - Vera Semina
    • Eduard - Edward
    • In the event that they sound like [JE] or [YO], then they are written as follows:

      Yephim Elnikov - Efim Elnikov

    • The letters Yu and I are transmitted respectively as YU and YA:

      Yuliya - Julia, Yana - Yana.

    Sounds F, U, S, F, X, W, and C

    Basically, difficulties in how to write your name in English are experienced by those who have letters in their name or surname denoting hissing consonant sounds. Here is how they are written in English:

    • W - ZH: Zhenia - Zhenya, Zhanna - Zhanna
    • CH-: Chornyshev - Chernyshev, Konychev - Konychev, Chonkin - Chonkin
    • Ш - SH: Sholokhov - Sholokhov, Koshkina - Koshkina
    • S –CHCH: Shchbakov - Shcherbakov, Shchukin - Shchukin
    • F - PH: Philipov - Filippov, Philimonov - Filimonov
    • X - KH: Khoriton - Horiton, Kharatyan - Kharatyan
    • C - TS: Tsarev - Tsarev, Tsyganova - Tsyganova.

    Knowing all these subtleties, you can easily write your own, and any name in English without any problems, and no difficulties of translation will not be terrible to you.

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