• How to write a memo?

    The memo is called a special supplementary document, which is the main reason for a manager who wants to make a decision in the form of a local title deed. The office note, from the point of view of office-work and the labor law, is not obligatory, but it can be established by local normative legal acts of the enterprise. This type of documents is often used in practice, but is absent in the All-Russian classifier of management documents. So let's consider how to write a service note.

    Features of memos

    Often office memos are drawn up to address issues regarding information, logistics or business support. Simply put, the memo is correspondence between several structural units. Most often they contain suggestions or requests. Unlike reports, service notes are created to maintain communication between departments on a horizontal level, that is, they are created on behalf of the employee and are sent to the employee’s name.They are drawn up only in the case when the position of the sender is equivalent to the position of the recipient. If the official note is made by the head, then most often it concerns decisions about sending to a business trip.

    If the fact of manufacturing products with some marriages is revealed, then if there are several customer complaints, the head of the organization has the right to send an address to the attestation commission that details the reasons for the employee’s non-compliance with the requirements for his position. On the basis of the memorial will be made an additional certification of the employee. Also, memos are used to shorten the probationary period for a particular employee. Such a memo is written in the name of the CEO. If we talk about the legal significance of memos, it can be noted that they can be evidence in court.

    Rules for writing a note

    A memo is written on an ordinary A4 sheet. It must specify the details posted in accordance with the State Standards.These details are:

    • the name of the unit;
    • date;
    • registration number;
    • document's name;
    • text;
    • destination;
    • sender's signature (indicate position).

    To know how to write a service note, you need to consider that such a document is drawn up in the usual font, the size of the letters 14, line spacing 1.5. The name of the document is written in capital letters (SERVICE NOTE). The inscription can be located both in the middle and near the border of the left field. The date must be written in strictly Arabic numerals, for example, 02.01.2013. If the company has a registration system, then the registration number is also stamped on the service record. As a result of the transfer of the memorandum, a resolution is drawn up on the issue raised.

    This type of document as a memo can also have a short title that conveys the essence of the problem. In its wording according to the rules of registration of documentation, it is necessary to include the letter “o”. For example, "about the direction of K. on a business trip." Divides the text of the memo into two parts. In one part, they write the facts that became the basis for drawing up the document, and in the second part, all conclusions and decisions are recorded. If the note has an application, then it is marked in the design.Now you know how to write a memo. Its sample is an empty document form, discussed below:

    Head of the Production Department Ivanov V.K. SERVICE NOTE 17.01.13 No. ___ Due to the change in the production capacity of new equipment in room No. ___, please send a specialist to further troubleshoot.

    Such is the pattern of writing a memo.

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