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How to Work for ETS

ETS is a test development, administration and scoring service that is active in over 9,000 global locations. The private non-profit organization also conducts educational analysis and research, and develops products and services for all educational levels. Thousands of employees work for ETS in offices around the globe. Many ETS employees have backgrounds in education, sociology, computer science, psychology, humanities, psychometric and statistics. Positions with ETS consist of, but are not limited to, researchers, test developers, education specialists, global assessors, marketers, accountants and statisticians. Here are the steps for pursuing a job with ETS.


  1. Become familiar with ETS.
    • Study the organization's website. Read up on ETS history, mission, vision, products and services.
    • Visit the ETS Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) page. Learn about ETS testing philosophy and approach to test development.
    • Search educational websites for information about ETS. Read articles about the role of ETS products and services in primary, secondary and post-secondary educational settings.
  2. Analyze job opportunities.Visit the ETS job openings web page. Review available job postings to determine if the job title, description and required experience and skills are a match for you.
  3. Review the specific educational and work experience requirements.For example, working as a psychometric requires a doctorate in statistics, educational measurement or a related field and 3 years of professional experience. A staff assistant position requires only a high school diploma or GED and 4 to 5 years of work experience.
  4. Research the geographic location of the job.Some ETS employees, such as ETS scoring professionals, work part-time online or at designated scoring sites. Confirm that the position is in the desired geographic location or can be performed remotely.
  5. Submit an online application.Follow the instructions on the ETS website, which include creating an account. Enter your first name, last name, email address and a password to create the account.
    • Enter clear and accurate information on the application. Answer all required questions and avoid leaving fields blank.
  6. Contact ETS to inquire about potential employment.If you do not see a job opportunity posted, but feel that your background is a fit for ETS, send a note to the appropriate ETS office. Use the "Contact Us" page to locate contact information.
    • Express your interest in ETS. Demonstrate your knowledge of and interest in the organization by writing a few sentences about what motivated you to contact them.
    • Submit information about your background. Outline your relevant skills and work experience, and include a resume.
    • Ask the addressee to contact you if a position opens up. This strategy is equivalent to cold calling, so you may or may not receive a response.
  7. Contact offices in other countries.If you wish to work for ETS in another country, contact the company's subsidiary offices listed on the ETS website to inquire about job openings.
  8. Network with ETS employees.One of the best ways to secure a position is to network with existing employees. If you are in communication with an ETS employee at your educational institution or other setting, strike up a conversation. Ask how the employee secured a position with ETS and if there may be openings in the near future.

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  • Respond immediately to an email or phone call from ETS. If you receive a response to your application, follow up right away with the required next steps to demonstrate your interest in working for the organization.

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How to Work for ETS
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