• How to weave gum?

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    How to weave gum?

    All have long been accustomed to various baubles, for example, made from floss threads. The technology of their weaving is quite simple, but they have long been in the past. Now the so-called irises have become fashionable. They are made with the help of small multi-colored rubber bands. For the first time such peculiar baubles appeared in America - children from five to fifteen were very passionate about them, so much so that they forgot about their electronic gadgets. The irises are really very exciting - after all, with the help of their imagination and various combinations, you can come up with many options for such baubles.

    How to weave baubles

    Rubber bracelets appeared in Russia. If you want to join this art of weaving, you will need to purchase a standard set, it includes a silicone base and a small hook. Then you need to learn the technology of weaving, and you can safely begin to work.

    We will look at how to weave bracelets out of rubber bands on a special machine (you can do it on your fingers, but this is somewhat more difficult).

    1. Take rezinochki one color, twist one figure eight and put it on the machine diagonally.
    2. Do the same with the other rubber band, just put it on the diagonal crosswise with respect to the first rubber band.
    3. Take a different color and wear gum, not twisting, but in the same way - on the diagonal. Repeat this action two more times.
    4. Now you can proceed directly to the weaving, take the hook, pick up the lowest rezinochka from the outside and pull it up.
    5. On the opposite side of the same gum, do the same.
    6. On the other rubber band to do the same.
    7. Put on two elastics on top, do not twist them.
    8. Continue weaving the bracelet, hooking up the gum at the bottom.
    9. Put the clasp on the bracelet, and continue to weave further to the desired length.
    10. Then, when there is only one layer of elastics, hook all four sides into the clasp.

    That's it, your bracelet is ready!

    Weave on the fingers

    On the fingers you can weave a simple bauble from two colors. Just put the gum onGumthumb and forefinger, pre-twisting its figure eight, then put on another gum, not twisting.Then lift the ends of the gum-eight and put it on top of the second rubber band. Having added one more elastic band, pass it through the top part, having stretched the top part to the bottom part.

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