• How to visually increase the space in a small apartment

    Discard the dark and cold colors. It is recommended to use light shades of wallpaper, curtains and furniture, because the brighter the room, the more spacious it seems.
    Use light shades when installing the floor. Excellent visually increases the space of the room floor, covered with light tiles, parquet diagonally, laminate and carpet.
    In small apartments it is recommended to abandon columns, arches and various curbs. And help to expand the space - large mirrors. The mirror can be hung in front of windows or a picture.
    Do not use heavy and dark curtains in small rooms; it is better to replace them with light shades or light and delicate tulle.
    When making the ceiling, you must remember that the ceiling should be two shades lighter than the walls, this visually makes it higher in small apartments.

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