• How to treat green snot?

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    How to treat green snot?

    When viruses and bacteria enter the body, an inflammatory process begins, one of the signs of which is a runny nose. Sometimes a runny nose can be a manifestation of an allergic reaction. For viral and allergic rhinitis, clear mucus is released, which is discharged from the nose, while at the head of the head, bacterial secretions acquire a greenish color, become thick and make breathing more difficult. In order to avoid the development of chronic sinusitis green snot must be treated.

    Traditional treatments

    Medications for the treatment of bacterial rhinitis are prescribed by a doctor. You can not rashly apply sprays and vasoconstrictor drops, because their prolonged and uncontrolled use can lead to complications.

    If the green snot appeared in the child, you need to act even more prudently. Be sure to make an appointment with a pediatric otolaryngologist. It is he who assesses the severity of the disease and prescribes a whole range of therapeutic measures.For cleansing from accumulated mucus, it may be recommended:

    1. Washing the nasal cavity using solutions such as Aqualore Baby, Physiomer, Quicks, Malavit, Humer, Miramistin and others. The first time this procedure is best done in the clinic, under the guidance of an experienced doctor, because non-compliance with the technique of washing with inflammation of the middle ear.
    2. Means for instillation on the dry and clean shell of the nose: Sinupret, Isofra, Protargol, Nazivin, Fenistil, etc. The drops should be instilled strictly according to the instructions. In the case of a runny nose in babies, this form of medicine, as sprays, is contraindicated.
    3. Preparations for the treatment of bacterial cold: Fyuzafyunzhin (Fusafungin), Mupirocin, Framycetin, Bioparox and some others.
    4. Homeopathic anti-inflammatory drugs, for example, Gelomirtol.

    Parents it is important to remember that the use of vasoconstrictor drugs in children should be limited, only in case of urgent need. More useful information is contained in the article How to cure snot baby.

    Traditional medicine

    To treat green snot, both adults and children, can be with the help of traditional medicine.When digging homemade medicines, it is important for the child to monitor the reaction of his body. If any adverse symptoms appear, consult a doctor immediately.

    1. Herbal drops. 1 tsp Mix the herbs of calendula and yarrow with a glass of boiling water and heat in a water bath for 15 minutes. Bury 3 times a day, a few drops.
    2. Plant juice (aloe, kalanchoe, geranium).
    3. Fresh vegetable juice. They use potatoes, parsley, onions, carrots, beets (they contain natural antibiotics). Juice do not drip clean, diluted with boiled water 1: 1.
    4. Inhalation with chamomile, sage, eucalyptus, calendula, oregano.

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