• How to treat a face?

    The skin of the face is regularly exposed to the adverse effects of weather factors, suffering from our bad habits, frequent stresses or unhealthy diet. As a result, the once smooth and elastic skin gradually becomes flabby and pale, and acne and wrinkles appear on it. You can, of course, not pay attention to these negative changes for some time. But still, one day the day comes when, having looked at yourself in the mirror, you clearly understand that you have to do something urgently with all this. Before proceeding to decisive action, you must first determine your skin type, and only then you can proceed to treatment. Most often, problems arise in people with oily, dry, or fading skin.

    How to treat a face if you have oily skin

    Oily skin of the face is predetermined at the gene level and it is impossible to change its type drastically. Excessive shine and enlarged pores are peculiar to such skin. Sebum and dust that collects in the pores leads to their inflammation, as a result of which pimples and blackheads form on the face.

    Care for such skin is, first of all, in its thorough cleansing.You need to wash twice a day, using a special cosmetic foam that will remove excess fat and clean clogged pores. In no case it is impossible to use toilet soap for this purpose - it overdries the skin too much, thereby stimulating the fat glands to work with double strength. For the same reason, you should not use alcohol-based scrubs and tonics too often. After washing your face, you can wipe with an ice cube made from a decoction of chamomile or green tea, or rinse with cool mineral water.

    Acne, if they, despite all your efforts, still appeared, in the evenings should be spotted with a special medical lotion, bought in a pharmacy. Once or twice a week you can make a yeast face mask that helps fight acne. For its preparation it is necessary to dilute a tablespoon of fresh Baker's yeast with pharmacy hydrogen peroxide to a pasty state. The resulting yeast mass should be applied to the face and left on it for twenty minutes, then rinse it off with cool water. It is impossible to cure acne with cosmetic procedures alone.So that they no longer bother you, adjust your diet and eliminate all sweet, spicy and too fat from the diet.

    How to treat skin if it is too dry

    Dry skin of the face is prone to excessive flaking. Small wrinkles appear early on it. Often, this skin looks pale and rough, sometimes reddish spots appear on it, caused by irritation. Most of these problems can be avoided if you follow certain rules for dry skin care.

    In the morning you should wash your face with slightly warm boiled water without any foam, and even more soaps. Instead of water, you can use a decoction of sage or chamomile. After washing on the skin it is necessary to apply a light moisturizer. In the evening, it is better not to clean the skin with water, but with the help of a moisturizing cosmetic milk and at the end of the whole procedure to use a nourishing night cream. Among the working day, if necessary, you can wipe your face from time to time with a cotton ball dipped in a herbal moisturizing tonic.

    If, despite all efforts, the skin continues to peel off, you can try to make an oil mask.To do this, take a piece of soft natural fabric, cut a mask out of it to the size of your face, wet it in heated vegetable oil (preferably olive oil) and apply a mask on your face. After twenty minutes, the mask must be removed, and the face wipe with a wet swab.

    In addition, owners of dry skin should drink plenty of fluids and foods rich in polyunsaturated fatty acids, such as nuts, pumpkin seeds, oily fish.

    Fading skin care and treatment

    The first step is to give up all bad habits, especially smoking, more often to be in nature and sleep at least 8-9 hours a day. A healthy lifestyle will help you maintain the beauty and elasticity of your skin longer.

    Fading skin needs particularly careful and thorough care, the main task of which is to slow down the natural aging processes. Washing in the morning is better not with ordinary water, but with herbal decoction. In the evening, you should refuse from washing at all and clean your face with cosmetic milk. Before going to bed, you should apply a nourishing cream on your face, designed for aging skin and containing regenerating components.

    Contrasting compresses from a decoction of mint or lime-colored will help restore the tone of flabby skin.It is necessary to alternate between hot and cold napkins on the face three to five times, starting and ending with the procedure with cold ones.

    Also for the fading skin are very useful various nutritional masks and cosmetic facial massage, which stimulates blood circulation in the epidermis.

    In this article, we talked about how to treat your face at home, but if you wish, you can always contact a cosmetologist or visit a beauty salon, where you will be offered the widest choice of all sorts of treatments for your skin.

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