• How to treat a cold during pregnancy?

    How do you want such a difficult period in the life of every woman, like pregnancy, to pass easily and carefree! During the period of pregnancy, the protective functions of the body are greatly weakened, the immunity decreases, and even those women who have hardly had any ill before can easily catch a cold.

    Probably, it is not necessary to talk long and hard about the negative effects of viruses and infections, both on the fetus itself and on the health of the woman. The risks are especially high precisely in the first trimester of pregnancy, when life in the womb is only in its infancy, an active formation of the embryo and future baby occurs.

    In the second and third trimester, the placenta protects the baby, although it is also not 100% complete, but the effect of the common cold is significantly reduced in late pregnancy.

    Another problem of the special position of a woman is the ban on taking many familiar medications that she calmly took before pregnancy to alleviate the symptoms of the disease.

    With some colds it is very difficult to cope without such pharmacy care, that’s why it is so important to know how to treat a cold during pregnancy so as not to harm the fetus and quickly forget about such an unpleasant incident.

    First aid for colds

    Firstly, what every pregnant woman should remember: if you still feel that you are sick, in no case, do not panic. Remember that sometimes not so many viruses themselves, but the psychoemotional state of a future mother can negatively affect a child's development inside the womb.

    Secondly, remember, very rarely, when in all nine months of a “special situation”, a woman never catches any virus or infection, so do not think that you are such an exceptional case. Most often, all colds, subject to timely and proper treatment, pass without a trace for the fetus, however, if you are still very worried, then after an illness, take the necessary tests and undergo an ultrasound.

    So first aid

    The most important thing is that it comes immediately, regardless of the gestational age.Even with mild symptoms, the future mom should be kept in bed, because even the most unserious infection carried on her feet can adversely affect the baby.

    The following is to provide a rich vitamin drink, it will be a loyal assistant in the battle with the cold. It can be berry juice, warm tea, fresh juices, warm milk and so on.

    Remember that drugs should be treated with great caution - the majority of them are contraindicated during pregnancy, some are allowed from the second or third trimester.

    How to treat and do no harm?

    Of course, the most reasonable thing is to see a doctor. Only from his prescriptions can you take medicine, even those that may seem completely harmless to you. Still, you shouldn’t run to the hospital at the first “apchha!” Or a slight increase in temperature, because there are a lot of those who can “reward” you with more serious sores.

    Generally, in the first trimester, a slight increase in temperature (up to 37.5 °) is considered a characteristic phenomenon, but only if there are no additional symptoms in a pregnant woman more.If a runny nose appears in parallel, a sore throat or a cough, then you need to talk about a cold.

    How to deal with the temperature?

    First, pastel mode, and secondly - plenty of drink. But what if this is not enough? Aspirin, various fervexes and powders, coldrex and similar drugs are strictly prohibited; in addition, it is only necessary to beat down when it reaches the 38 ° threshold.

    The most innocuous is tea with raspberries or a decoction of lime color, which should be taken in a glass twice a day. Secondly, it's cold compresses - on the forehead and on the extremities (large veins and arteries).

    It is enough to take a towel, wet it in cold water and squeeze it thoroughly so that it becomes wet. Instead of a towel you can use a hot-water bottle with ice. What is possible, if folk methods do not help, and the temperature is above 38 °? Paracetamol is allowed at any time, only the standard dosage should be reduced by 2 times. If the temperature within 2 days does not decrease, then you need to consult a doctor.

    How to treat a runny nose?

    When the first symptoms of a cold appear, such as a runny nose or a sore throat, many are accustomed to resorting to warming up procedures: for example, a hot bath.Remember that it is absolutely forbidden for pregnant women: you can not soar legs, it is undesirable to bathe (for example, over potatoes) and put mustard plaster. These methods can lead to miscarriage, bleeding and hypoxia.

    How can I heal? The most innocuous and effective remedy is washing the nose with a solution of sea salt — wash a cup of a teaspoon of salt 3-4 times a day. The pharmacy has special salt sprays, for example, aquamaris and its analogues. But vasoconstrictor drugs are strictly prohibited.

    How to treat a throat?

    Again, a lot of warm and vitamin drink. This time. Secondly - rinsing. The most innocuous are solutions of sea salt, a mixture of common salt and soda, it is also acceptable to use pharmacy chamomile (alleviate pain and relieve inflammation), as well as a solution of miramistin. Any drugs based on alcohol are prohibited. Also in the pharmacy, you can ask for medicines and lozenges that are allowed for pregnant women, usually they are based on lysozyme.

    How to treat a cough?

    Coughing is the most difficult thing to cope with: even in the normal period of life it is difficult to withdraw it in a short time, what about pregnancy. Most syrups and tablets are banned.Here herbs can help, for example, a string, yarrow, immortelle, chamomile, linden flowers.

    Brew and drink them according to the instructions given on the package. Not bad with the cough copes and other proven popular way - black radish with honey. It should be taken three times a day - effectively, as with dry, and expectorant cough.

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