• How to transfer readings of a water meter

    How to transfer readings of a water meterMost residents, both apartment blocks and private ones, have estimated the advantages of installing meters. With their help, you can save your money. Of course, if a metering device is installed in the house, its information interests not only you, as the owner and payer, but also utilities that provide you with water supply services. For this reason, they regularly ask each payer to transfer the readings of the water meter. A few years ago, to transfer the readings of water was problematic. It was necessary to specifically go to the relevant organizations and stand in line there. Now the readings of water meters are much easier to pass, you can not even leave the house. We will tell you how to transmit the water meter readings in the simplest and fastest way for you.

    How to take data to transfer readings of a water meter?

    Before transmitting the water meter readings, they must be properly taken.The procedure for removing information from the metering device is quite simple. However, there are also some nuances.

    1. At your house there can be not one metering device, but several at once. Their number will depend on the number of pipes that are supplied to your apartment or house. Remove the information you need from everyone.
    2. Most often in our homes installed metering devices of the mechanical type. Information from them are removed quickly. On the display there are several cells with numbers that show cubic meters. Write down all the numbers except the last. They are highlighted in red.How to transfer readings of a water meter
    3. You need to be interested in data at certain times of the month. As a rule, these are the last numbers. Such dates are due to the fact that payment for the previous month is carried out at the beginning of the current one.
    4. Never underestimate data in order to save. This may lead to a discrepancy between the information you said and the actual numbers on the instrument. The first verification of the metering device will reveal the difference.

    When all data is written off, it is possible to decide how to transfer readings of water meters.How to transfer readings of a water meter

    How to transfer readings of a water meter?

    In addition to a direct visit to a water utility, you can submit meter readings in several ways.

    1. In the telephone mode.It is enough to take the telephone number of the housing authority or the district branch of the water utility. It is necessary to call in those numbers which make a reservation with employees of management. In addition, by phone you can call the controller, if one supervises your neighborhood and regularly checks the indicators.
    2. It is possible to transfer data of water meters personally, not in control, but through special boxes. They resemble postal ones, but are installed in a generally accessible place, for example, in the post office or in the local housing department management. Together with the numbers from the metering device you need to specify personal data - address of residence, personal account, number of metering device, date, month and year when the information was written.
    3. The most convenient and progressive way to transfer the readings of water meters is the Internet. This can be either the official website of the institution, or intermediary sites, for examplewww.kvc-nn.ru, transfer the readings of the water meter through which it is also possible. Services work in such a way that in your account you can see the previous data, the number of paid cubic meters, and even the amount to be paid.How to transfer readings of a water meter

    Knowing the various ways of how to transfer readings of water meters, you can greatly simplify your life.

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