4 Quick & EASY Headwrap/Turban Styles (Short Natural Hair & TWA Friendly)

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How to Tie a Headscarf

Three Methods:

Headscarves are an easy way to make a fashion statement, keep your hair out of your face, or help keep you warm. They are also worn with religious significance out of modesty. There are endless styles to use with a headscarf. Tying a headscarf can be done with in a top knot, with a hair tie, or simply by wrapping it loosely.

Quick Summary

To tie a top knot headscarf, put your hair in a bun on the top of your head. Then, line up the center of the headscarf with the bottom of your hairline. Wrap the headscarf tightly around your head, over your ears, to the top of your forehead. Collect the fabric and twist it tightly. Continue twisting it as you wrap the headscarf around your bun. When there are about 2 inches left, wrap the end into the bun to secure it.For help tying a loose headscarf or using a hair tie to tie your headscarf, read on!

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Making a Top Knot

  1. Put your hair up.Make a bun and put it on top of your head. Use a pony tail holder and make it a large bun. The bigger the bun, the more character your top knot will have.
    • If you have very short hair, you can use a small ponytail on the top of your head. This will add volume to your top knot.
  2. Line it up.Without folding your head scarf, take it horizontally and find the center of the edge. Look down, leaning your head, and line up the center on bottom of your hair line. You can use the top of your spine, if you’d like, as a reference point. The scarf will be over the top of your head and covering your face at this point.
  3. Wrap it tightly around your head.Taking the ends and coming up over your ears, gather the scarf at the top of your forehead. Be sure to gather all the fabric into this point.
  4. Twist the fabric tightly.Twist the fabric very tightly from this point until the twist is an inch long. This will be exponentially easier if you use both hands to make this twist.
  5. Use your bun.From the twist, loosen the scarf and put it back over the top of your bun. Gather the scarf, once again, behind the bun.
  6. Twist the rest of the scarf.Tightly twist the rest of your headscarf into a long tail. Once again, you should use both hands for this.
  7. Surround your bun.Wrap the scarf tightly around your bun until there is approximately 2 inches left. Wrap these two inches of fabric around the twists that are surrounding your bun. This will secure your headscarf.

Using a Hair Tie

  1. Place your hair tie on your dominant wrist.When using a knot to tie your headscarf, it can be difficult to get the knot just right. If the knot is too lose, your scarf will shift, and if you tie it too tight, it can cause headaches. Instead, use a hair tie to keep your headscarf secure. Start by placing your hair tie on your dominant wrist.
    • If you use a hair tie with a metal piece on it, you might put a hole in your head scarf. Try to use hair ties without this piece.
    • Your hair should be in a low bun or under a cap for this style.
  2. Fold your scarf to get a rectangle.Many headscarves are square shaped. Simply fold it in half to achieve the rectangle shape needed.
  3. Put the scarf on like it’s hair.If you’ve never tied a scarf on your head before, it will feel very foreign on your head and you’ll have difficulty tying it. Putting the scarf on as though it’s hair will make it more comfortable for you to work with. It will be as though you’re tying up a ponytail.
  4. Gather the material.Scoop all of the material behind your head. You should do this as if you are going to tie it in a very low ponytail.
    • You may cover your ears or wrap the scarf above them. That’s totally up to you!
  5. Pull the hair tie over all of the material.Pretend you’re pulling the hair tie over all of your hair to make it a more natural movement. Next, tie it as if you’re tying a bun in your hair. Use your opposite hand to take the band and tie the rest of the material up as though it was a messy bun.
  6. Shape the scarf.Tug on the material until you get the shape you’d like out of the “knot” in the scarf. Do this by pulling on different parts of the scarf little by little. If you happen to pull too much in one direction, you can wrap it back into your hair tie.

Wrapping a Loose Headscarf

  1. Fold your headscarf diagonally.You’ll need an oversized headscarf for this style.
  2. Put the pointed end in the back.Drape your headscarf over your hair with the pointed end in the back. The folded side should be in the front. You can choose to put it on your forehead, directly on your hairline, or a few inches back to show the color of your hair.
  3. Cross the ends in back and bring them to the front.If you want to make the scarf more secure, you can twist the scarf at the point that it’s crossed.
  4. Secure your headscarf.Take the two ends of your headscarf one more time and cross them. Throw them over your shoulders.

Community Q&A

  • Question
    Where can I get ideas for different headscarf designs and styles?
    wikiHow Contributor
    Community Answer
    A simple Google or Pinterest search will give you ideas, inspiration, and even tutorials! Use the right keywords, including "headscarf," "tutorial," "styles," "tying" and more.
  • Question
    How do I protect my face in summer?
    Nargis Ali
    Community Answer
    Apply at least one ounce of sunscreen (enough to fill a shot glass) at least 15 to 30 minutes before going outside.
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  • You can use a hair cap for any of these styles.

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