• How to tear off the wallpaper?

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    How to tear off the wallpaper?

    Repair is a matter that requires tremendous patience and effort, and therefore, before embarking on such a responsible task, it is necessary to carefully study useful tips and recommendations on the implementation of certain types of work. In this article we will talk about how to tear off old wallpaper easily and quickly.

    We'll manage with bare hands!

    Yes, there are such situations when the wallpaper, as they say, keeps “on the word of honor”, ​​and in such situations all we need is our own hands and a spatula (for lack of it, use the most common knife). Your task is very simple - pry the joint of two pieces of wallpaper with a spatula or knife and pull the retreated edge. When you cope with one piece (perhaps, the spatula will come in handy a couple of times), take the same step for the next one.

    Plain water

    Of course, situations where wallpaper barely keeps is quite rare, and therefore in most cases it is necessary to resort to tricks, and the first of them is the use of ordinary water. Take a roller, a sponge or a spray bottle and wet the wallpaper with one of these tools.Do not feel sorry for the water, the wallpaper should get wet, and not be covered with droplets. When it seems to you that the wallpaper has already become wet enough, wait for another 5-10 minutes to be faithful and begin to scrape them off the wall with a spatula (knife).

    Remember that some wallpapers have a special water-repellent coating. To reduce the effectiveness of his "work", make cuts on the wallpaper with a knife (you can use a special needle roller) in several places, then the water will easily penetrate into the wallpaper structure. In addition, it is important to note that it is better to use hot water than cold water.

    Important advice! Before wet wallpaper, turn off the electricity, water can accidentally get on the element that is energized, which, in turn, can lead to dire consequences.


    Steam, I must say, is more effective if necessary to soak the wallpaper than water, but not every house has a tool such as a building steamer that perfectly helps to cope with the task of removing old wallpaper with steam. At home, we advise you to use steam locally - if in some place the water does not work, turn on the iron, fillwallpaperwater in a special compartment, press the steam button and direct it to the problem area, and then use a spatula - it should work!

    Special means

    Instead of water, you can use a special tool for soaking the wallpaper. This kind of "drug" can be found today at any hardware store, hewallpapermore effective than water, and at the same time completely harmless and non-toxic. As a rule, a special tool is a concentrate, which should be slightly diluted before use. Otherwise, the method of application here is usually the same as in the case of water: we soak the roller in a special tool, previously diluted with water, or pour the solution into a spray bottle, process the wallpaper, wait 5 minutes and start removing them with a spatula.

    Well, we hope our advice will facilitate your repair work a little bit.

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