• How to store crayfish?

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    How to store crayfish?

    Unfortunately, the storage of crayfish for a long time is impossible. But there are several methods by which you can increase the shelf life of aquatic inhabitants. How to store crayfish - you will learn from our article.

    Keeping crayfish after catching

    • Usually, live crayfish are stored in cages made of wood or iron;
    • It is necessary to create natural conditions: use water to store crayfish from the same reservoir from which the catch was made;
    • Storage of live crayfish is possible within a few hours. If it is necessary to increase the term to one to two days, it is required to feed the crayfish with fresh fish or potatoes. This is due to the fact that in the absence of food crayfish can eat each other;
    • In order to avoid injuries in crayfish, give preference to top dressing from plant foods, since arthropods can fight for fish.

    Crayfish transport

    • To transport crayfish, use boxes or baskets of wood, plastic, or cardboard. Ensure that there are enough openings for air to enter;
    • Cover the bottom of the box or basket with moss, grass or algae and place the crayfish in one row;
    • When transporting crayfish make sure that the boxes do not overheat from direct sunlight.

    Storage of live crayfish

    • Fill the bath with water and run the crayfish there;
    • Change water every day;
    • Feed crayfish with plant food once a day;
    • Under these conditions, the crayfish has a shelf life of seven days.

    Keeping live crayfish in the fridge

    • Wash the arthropods and put them in a plastic bag without tying it;
    • Put the bag in the department for storing vegetables;
    • Under these conditions, the crayfish have a shelf life of up to four days.

    Cooked crayfish storage

    • Boil the crayfish to the desired state;
    • After the broth has cooled, place the pan in the refrigerator;
    • The shelf life of boiled crayfish is a couple of days.

    Do not store live or boiled crayfish in the freezer. In this case, the meat will lose its beneficial properties and will also become dry.

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