• How to stick noise insulation

    First you need to remove and disassemble the entire torpedo. It is also recommended to remove the cover on the tunnel floor and air ducts to the legs of the rear passengers. Only the stove should remain in place. With the dashboard remove all the air vents, as well as air ducts. Disassemble the glove box. Bend the metal tabs on the back and remove the cover. In this state, it is best to drive a little and see what else rattles and squeaks.
    After that you can proceed to pasting. Glue the dinamic pieces onto the inner large planes. Cut them very carefully. Pay special attention to the top and bottom of the dashboard. There must be all fully pasted over. It is also recommended to stick on the bottom of the shelf, which is under the glove box, dinamat.
    After that, take the foam rubber and paste around each deflector and place in which the duct is in contact with the dashboard. Then cut a strip of 10x20 mm and glue it along the edges to the position of the lining. If necessary, remove excess.Put the pad in place. Also stick a strip of foam rubber to the place where the pad touches the torpedo case near the glass blowing holes.
    In those places where the dashboard is in contact with the door, glue the required size pieces of carpet. When closing the doors of the dashboard will be kept from vibrations. Well glue the place of contact halves glove box. At the point of passage of the wires under the torpedo be sure to stick foam rubber. Do not forget about the console. Glue the foam strips so that they go forward 10 mm. When installing the console, they should be bent to the side. It is also recommended to glue well the places of contact with the slide from the car radio. It remains only in the reverse order to assemble the torpedo and install it in its original place.

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