• How to make caviar?

    The word "caviar" causes almost all positive emotions. Who does not like to spread butter on bread, and then a thin layer of caviar ?! And squash caviar has been remembered to all of us since childhood, it becomes especially beloved in the student years. But this is an excellent breakfast - bread with zucchini caviar and sweet tea. And do not talk about the compatibility of tastes, such a breakfast in the hostel was always great! Let's remember how to make caviar at home, and consider all its types.

    Squash caviar

    There are many tips on how to make squash, but the foundation is always the same. It is necessary to take vegetables in this ratio: zucchini 3 parts, onions, carrots, tomatoes - one by one, Bulgarian pepper - 0.5 parts. Salt, pepper to taste. But the spices must be taken those that are suitable for vegetables. These are cumin, cumin, coriander, bay leaf. Each type of vegetables must be chopped. Peel zucchini. If they are large, then you need to remove the seeds. If the zucchini are young, weighing up to 300 g, then you can take them whole. Cut the courgettes into cubes with a side no more than a centimeter.If you rub them grated, then you will not have caviar, but porridge. Onion should be cut into small cubes, grate carrots on a coarse grater. Peel the tomatoes, after putting them in boiling water for a couple of minutes, then chop them. Also chop the Bulgarian pepper. Then proceed to the most important thing - to fry vegetables. Each vegetable should be fried separately! In a frying pan, preferably thick-walled, pour the sunflower oil and fry over medium heat. Zucchini cooks like this - 15 minutes, tomatoes - 7 minutes, carrots - 7 minutes, onions - 5 minutes, pepper - 7 minutes. Then we mix all the vegetables in one pot, add salt, pepper, spices, simmer for 5 minutes, and put in sterilized jars. Then this caviar must be sterilized in water for 25 minutes, rolled up.

    The second option is the preparation of squash caviar - stewing all the vegetables together in the same container without prior roasting. Stew should be about two hours on a very small fire. Then the banks with caviar can not be sterilized, only the dishes and lids. Then cover them with a winter blanket and allow to cool for three to four days.

    Fish roe

    Practically never do housewives have a question about how to make red caviar, because this product is very gentle and the process of cleansing it from films is so laborious that many simply prefer to buy it in the store.But, if you still managed to clear large red caviar, then simply sprinkle it with salt, 2 tablespoons per kilogram of caviar. Let stand 3-4 days, then you can eat. What can be made from red caviar, except for conventional sandwiches? Of course, all kinds of salads! For example, the "Red Star". Lay layers of rice, onions, boiled eggs, spread out thinly sliced plates of red fish, and then put red caviar in the shape of a star. It will be very tasty!

    Mistresses living in "fish" places, in cities near rivers, are also interested in how to make caviar. In other cities, no one would think of doing it on their own. The recipe is the same as in the case of red caviar. In the composition of this dish only two ingredients - caviar and salt.

    Much more popular stories, how to make pike caviar. Since January-February, there is a lot of caviar in a pike, and just frying it is very pitiful. Here is a simple recipe for cooking. It is necessary to take caviar, stir it with a fork for 10 minutes with rotational movements, so that all the films are gathered on the teeth. They will have to be thrown out, and salted caviar at the rate of: teaspoons of salt without the top in a glass of caviar. Add paprika, white pepper, coriander.But only on the tip of the knife, do not overdo it! Put in a warm place for 4-5 hours, then put in the refrigerator. Caviar is best kept in a glass container.

    Mushroom Caviar

    When a mushroom year is issued, the mushrooms are not only salted and dried, but also cooked caviar. A dish is not as popular as pickles, so you have to find out from friends how to make caviar. All the mushrooms you have collected, the same or assorted, you need to properly boil. Several times drain the water, pour fresh and cook again. This process usually takes about two hours. Separately fry the onions. At 3 kg of fresh mushrooms, you must take 0.5 kg of onions. In well-pressed mushrooms, add fried onions, salt and pepper to taste and fry for another 10 minutes. You can eat ready-made caviar right away, but you can roll up in banks for the winter. Serve mushroom caviar, like squash, should be in a small plate, like a snack. Or on a common dish, as the main or additional side dish for meat, or fish.

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