• How to sleep with a guy?

    It seems that to persuade a guy for sex for a girl is not difficult. However, in some cases, the fair sex just puzzled, not knowing how to sleep with a guy and what you need to do in order to get what you want. After all, there are often men who are very shy to take the initiative in sexual relationships, or simply do not have any interest in a particular girl. Along with this, there are some ways to help achieve a relationship with your favorite guy.


    Far from every woman owns the art of seduction, but if you need to sleep with a guy, you will have to learn him, since it is a practically reliable means. In order to achieve sexual relations with a man through the art of seduction, you need to pay great attention to their appearance. Strict classic costumes and modest skirts to toe should be replaced by more explicit outfits. But! Do not be zealous and confuse attractiveness with vulgarity, otherwise there is a danger of achieving the opposite effect.

    Translucent shirts and blouses, from the neckline of which, as it were, the edge of lace elegant linen accidentally peeps out - this is exactly what is needed! And if you combine it with a tight-fitting stylish skirt with a beautiful slit, leaving open space for a bold fantasy, then success is almost guaranteed.

    Awakening of old feelings

    Well, if you are determined, you can invite your desired home, referring to an important matter, and meet him in a luxurious peignoir or even in a bath towel. In the end, you can say that you accidentally fell asleep or took a shower. Of course, do not forget the light scent of perfume or the fresh smell of shower gel: depending on which option you choose.

    By the way, these methods are perfect for girls who think about how to sleep with an ex-boyfriend. However, in this case, you can resort to the tactics of joint memories. If you remember with him past joys and happy moments that you have experienced together, this will set the guy on the right wave. Well, impeccable appearance and properly selected clothes for the case will do the trick.

    Extreme measures

    If all your efforts are in vain, perhaps it makes sense to directly inform the guy about your desires and intentions about him.You can start with the fact that you really like him as a person and smoothly transfer the conversation to the topic of masculine attractiveness, setting it as an example.

    Another well-known and very common method in the question of how to sleep with a guy is alcohol. After a specific dose of alcoholic drinks, the man, as a rule, ceases to be too choosy about the choice of sexual partner. So if you manage to bring the guy to the desired state, the result is almost guaranteed. Only it is necessary to warn in advance: sex with a drunk man who makes you little different from his neighbor or even his wife, can greatly disappoint you and force you not to resort to such measures.

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