• How to silence a woman

    Switch the woman's attention to another object. For example, you conduct serious business negotiations on the phone at a time when the wife tries on outfits, demanding your comments on each selected suit option. What if it requires a detailed response? Write to her on a piece of paper the amount of money that she can get from you to buy things. This amount may be small, then she will have to decide for herself how to fit into the budget, mentally scrolling in her head with what you can wear a new skirt. Or, conversely, write a large amount of cash that she can spend on that day. Then she will have no time to consult with you, since the thought process has begun in her head on the subject of her husband's unprecedented generosity - how to manage to spend everything before you thought better.
    Agree with the woman in everything. Of course, a woman is essentially talkative, but she also expects an additional charge from you to support the conversation. Accordingly, if you do not argue with her, give your reasons,if you start to agree with her at lightning speed, then, most likely, she will end the conversation with you with the words: “It’s not interesting to even talk to you”. Her resentment will not be long, as soon she will find with whom you can talk heartily, and you will enjoy the long-awaited silence during this time.
    Surprise her. You are scolded by your wife for coming a little "podshofe" from work. Familiar case? The head mercilessly hurts, the stomach reduces, and its verbal flow seems inexhaustible. Here you need to resort to tricks. You should not buy a bouquet of flowers in advance, because by putting it in a vase, it will again begin to express its dissatisfaction with your look. Ask her to come closer to you, as if you want to say something in her ear. When she does, tell me sincerely that you are today really not up to par, and that you are very lucky that the most charming woman on the planet is waiting for you at home.

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