• How to make a documentary?

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    How to make a documentary?

    Documentary film is a complex genre of cinema and television journalism. To make it quality, you need to spend a lot of time preparing for the shooting, on the shooting itself, then on editing and editing.

    We will present you a brief outline of how to make a documentary correctly.

    Creating a documentary film step by step

    Preparing to shoot

    • First you need to choose an interesting topic and idea for your film. The film will be successful if the theme is "catch on the living," arouse interest and emotions. So, if you choose a completely trivial plot, then it should be submitted under a non-standard point of view.
    • Learn as much information as you can about the subject of the film, even if you know a lot about it.
    • Next, develop a plan and script for the film, outline where the shooting will take place, who will need to be interviewed, where you may need to contact the archive for old recordings.
    • Gather a shooting team, prepare the necessary equipment.

    Filming process

    • Be sure to take a lot of material with people who are interviewing, even more than is required - will come in handy.
    • You should have a lot of frames of different plans: large, medium, general. Especially important are the general and average plans.
    • If you need footage of events "live", which is not possible to shoot in reality, you can contact the appropriate archive or search for yourself, and also hire actors and make a performance.

    Film editing

    • Based on the collected material, write a plan for which you will mount the film.
    • Mount the video sequence, if necessary, also add graphics, other video clips on the topic, etc. Next, record your voice, and then correlate the video sequence and voice.
    • Watch the movie and edit it. When the final version is ready, show the film to several different acquaintances - they will indicate possible errors that need to be corrected.

    This way you can shoot a documentary. Of course, we presented a very succinct plan for its creation, this is a kind of, very primitive "skeleton". Study this question in detail, and then proceed to the shooting - in the process it will become clear what and how best to do.

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