• How correctly: "shoes" or "shoes"?

    Alena Tikhonova
    Alena Tikhonova
    March 18, 2013
    How correctly: "shoes" or "shoes"?

    There are many pitfalls in Russian, and sometimes it is very difficult for a non-professional. That’s how it’s right: “shoes” or “shoes”, far from all Russian residents know, not to mention foreigners. But so eager to speak and write correctly!

    Correctly say: "shoes". So that there will be no further hiccups about this difficult to declining word “shoe”, we give a table to help you.

    Question Singular Plural
    Who what? Shoe Shoes
    Who, what? Shoes Slipper
    To whom; to what? Shoe Slippers
    Who what? Slipper Shoes
    Who, what? Shoe, shoe Slippers
    About who about what? Shoe Slippers

    For example:

    • "I hit a shoe evil dog."
    • "I can talk a lot about shoes."
    • "Shoes need repair."
    • "Mom gave me smart prom shoes."

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