• How to shave your legs?

    Anna Mikhailova
    Anna Mikhailova
    February 25, 2013
    How to shave your legs?

    Any woman wants to have smooth, well-groomed legs. And the modern beauty industry is helping her in this with all its might. But nevertheless, the question of how to shave your legs remains open, since each of the methods has its flaws and virtues.


    The simplest way to get rid of unwanted hair is a razor. The hair is removed quickly, it is easy to use, and people have almost no allergic reactions after using the machine. But here the shaved hair grows in 2-3 days, and with careless use of the machine, cuts are possible.

    Depilatory cream and wax

    To get rid of unwanted hair helps a special cream that dissolves hair. However, before applying it must be applied to a small area of ​​skin to check for the absence of allergies. The cream allows you to remove hair for a longer period than a razor. But this method is contraindicated in women who have sensitive skin prone to allergic reactions.

    To remove the hair on the legs for a longer period, you can try wax for hair removal.After such removal, the hair will grow in two to three weeks. And if you apply it regularly, the structure of the hair becomes thinner, and they become not noticeable. However, this procedure is very time-consuming and painful, it is possible the occurrence of ingrown hairs and severe irritation.


    Another long-term method is the use of different epilators. When using them, you can call the thinning of hairs, the long-term effect of hair removal and the possibility of choosing the device that suits you. The disadvantages are quite high cost, the possibility of skin irritation, painful procedure and the occurrence of ingrown hairs.

    Today, long-term hair removal and do in beauty salons. Now laser hair removal is particularly popular. After several treatments, it will be possible to get rid of unwanted hair for several years.

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