• How to sew curtains with your own hands at home

    In the article I will tell you how to sew curtains with your own hands. I hope my experience in sewing curtains, which I have been saving for many years, will be useful. Handmade knitwear will easily become your pride. Forward.

    It is difficult to imagine a house on the windows of which do not hang curtains. They give warmth and comfort, and the interior of the room gets a finished look.

    Shops offer a wide selection of curtains, which differ in size, color and texture, the main thing is to choose the right. This does not mean that you can not sew them yourself. If you sew in factory conditions, it will turn out at home.

    Step plan

    For sewing tools and materials will be required. The list of things includes:

    • decorative fabric
    • sewing thread,
    • pins,
    • clear nail polish,
    • scissors,
    • pencil,
    • ruler.


    1. Determined with the size of the curtains. I measure the distance from the cornice to the floor.
    2. The standard width of the curtain material is 1.5 meters.This is enough for sewing two curtains.
    3. The necked material is neatly cut. I fold the edges, fix the bends with pins and make the machine line.
    4. Often I decorate with a toothed frill. I take a piece of cloth and work on the edges. I retreat from the outer edge of the element about 1.5 cm and with the help of a pencil and a ruler mark the fold line. The same lines I spend on the sides of the details.
    5. I measure the distance of the fabric part between the side folds. The resulting number is divided into sections. Their number must be even. The width of the teeth directly depends on the width of the section.
    6. With a simple pencil mark the boundaries of the sections.
    7. On the fabric part parallel to the external folding line I put an additional line. The distance between the lines corresponds to the height of the denticles. Using a ruler and a pencil, I mark out denticles.
    8. I apply the sword to the curtain, I combine and fasten it with pins. Scissors cut out denticles, moving along a line resembling a zigzag.
    9. Hemming the edge of the frill. I tuck it in and hem up the allowances, iron the seams. To keep the threads from spreading, I lightly brush the shaped cut with colorless varnish and let it dry.
    10. I frill the frill from the front.I re-attach it to the curtain, fold it together and hang it up. I sew the jagged edges by hand. Curtains are ready.
    Video Tips

    At first glance it seems that it is very difficult. Believe me, I used to think so too. Try to sew curtains yourself and you will understand how easy it is. True, patience and fantasy are indispensable.

    Sewing curtains for the hall

    Curtains look great in the room and perform important functions, for example, protect the room from the sun's rays.

    When choosing an option, pay attention to the size, color, texture of fabric and interior style of the room. Shops offer a fine selection of colors, textures and types in textiles.

    Sew curtains with your own hands, simply by having a sewing machine and precise patterns.


    • sewing machine,
    • fabric and thread
    • scissors,
    • needles and pins,
    • braid,
    • ruler or tape measure.


    1. I measure the height of the curtains. After measurements, exactly cut off the fabric. In this case, I try not to hurry, because even the slightest error will lead to curved or short curtains.
    2. Along the edges of the material I make bends and fix with pins. I try to determine the type of the ends of the curtains. Most often I use wide curtain ribbons.
    3. Regulate the sewing machine. Processes during tailoring curtains on the machine provide knowledge of the sewing device and the technological features of the material.
    4. Pick up a thread that is suitable in thickness. I try to properly adjust the tension of the threads and adjust the presser foot. Particular attention is paid to the establishment of the line pitch.
    5. Most often the design is supplemented with lambrequins. I use strips of fabric or drapery. These elements will make the products look complete, hide the mounting tape and the cornice.

    If the first time does not work a real masterpiece, do not worry. With each subsequent attempt to increase the level of skill.

    Sew curtains for the bedroom

    Any housewife can make curtains for the bedroom, only a set of tools and a little imagination will be needed. And after a few hours the bedroom will be transformed into a cozy and warm place.

    The main thing is to choose the material, select a few hours and work. Following the instructions, create a real knit masterpiece.


    • the cloth,
    • sewing machine,
    • iron,
    • scissors,
    • pins,
    • centimeter,
    • small stick.


    1. With the help of a centimeter, I measure the length from clips to the floor and write the resulting value on a piece of paper.The recording will become the basis for calculating the length of the material
    2. For curtains, I first buy a porcelain material with a width of 1.5 meters in the shop. I take fabric with a stock. To do this, add about 0.5 meters to the measurements. I don’t recommend buying material back to back.
    3. I cut the fabric. With a centimeter measure the length. Next, using a straight stick, draw a line of cut. The markings are applied to the fabric with soap or chalk. Carefully cut the material on the line.
    4. I process the edges. I turn on the iron and give heat. The top edge of the canvas is lowered by one meter and I iron it well. Similarly, ironing the bottom.
    5. It's sewing time. On the sides I make bends and fix pins. Then scribble on all sides.
    6. It remains to hang new curtains, sewn by hand, on the cornice.

    Correct pommel

    Sewing curtains for kitchen

    If you want to learn how to sew curtains for the kitchen, then you want to bring into the interior of the apartment a part of your own vision of beauty and a slice of individuality. If you combine hand-made curtains with washed tulle, the windows will look chic.

    Remember, if there is a table near the window where home appliances, a teapot or a microwave oven are located, make curtains short.


    • the cloth,
    • needle,
    • scissors,
    • thread,
    • sewing machine,
    • ruler.


    1. First of all, I measure the window. As a result, it becomes known how much material is required.
    2. In most cases, the material is uneven, so I put it on the table and, using it as a template, trim it carefully.
    3. From a flat angle I measure the required length and put a mark. For processing the edge, I fold twice in the opposite direction.
    4. Bottom edge necessarily podgibayu. Bend do a little wider. Be sure to trim and side edges. In this case, the fabric will not perform.
    5. The resulting blank carefully ironed and flashing. The bottom of the canvas do a little wider. In this case, the curtains will hang exactly.
    6. If the material is thin, in the bottom fold in the plastic or strip of more dense fabric. After that I am stitching around the perimeter in order to completely align the seams. I process the upper edge on the same principle.
    7. It remains to sew the ribbon. I attach it to the curtain from the wrong side and fasten with pins. I trim the braid and cut off the excess with scissors.
    8. I take the ends of the laces, carefully tighten and tie. Tied knots hiding from the inside. I do the same on the reverse side. Drapery ready.
    9. Sew on the braid to the curtain and fasten the loop on the hooks.The curtain is completely ready.

    How to make curtains

    If you wish, add accessories or jewelry to create a unique product that will bring beauty and cosiness to the kitchen.

    We sew the curtains on the grommet

    The curtains on the grommets have many advantages - careful fastening, silent sliding and even folds, and metal rings act as a peculiar decoration and make the curtains more luxurious.

    Sewing curtains on the grommets is very laborious, and it takes a lot of time. However, the result will pay back the efforts.


    • the cloth,
    • pins and threads
    • cringing tape
    • eyelets,
    • scissors,
    • iron,
    • sewing machine.

    To get beautiful folds, I buy wide curtains. Ideally, the width of the widow’s curtains exceeds the width of the window. The length should be slightly above the eaves.

    I use an even number of rings. In this case, the edge folds are facing away from the wall. I note that I change the depth of the folds by increasing or decreasing the distance between the grommets.


    1. First of all I prepare the cuff. I take a piece of cloth 30 cm wide and mark the middle.
    2. I attach a cringing tape to the intended line and paste it with the help of a heated iron.
    3. On the side where the tape is located, I iron the seam allowance. I process with the iron the second allowance, which is on the front side.
    4. I screw up the ends of the cuff.
    5. The ends of the cuff are turned and placed inside the curtain. I watch that the taped edge is left outside. Lay the line.
    6. Before installing the eyelets on the chrome curtain, I make a marking for the rings. The distance between the eyelets is about 8 cm.
    7. I cut holes a few millimeters from the marked line.
    8. I attach the grommets and close the upper part to a low click.
    9. As a result, I get smart curtains. I hang it on the cornice of the round section.

    Curtains for giving

    Some people spend New Year's holidays at sea, others go on a trip abroad, and the third is a trip to the country. If you are a fan of holiday cottages, make sure that the interior of a country house is comfortable and cozy.

    This does not mean that it will have to be repaired and make the premises technically and furnished. To make the cottage cozy, pay attention to the little things, including the curtains.


    • the cloth,
    • roulette,
    • scissors,
    • sewing machine,
    • needles and pins.


    1. I apply the fabric to the window to find the optimal length of the curtains. I add about 20 centimeters to the obtained value, which will be required for the seams and fasteners.
    2. I measure the width of the window. I cut the fabric so that it is twice as wide as the window opening.
    3. I cut the material on the floor or table. The resulting blank is folded twice in width and carefully cut into two parts. The result is two country curtains.
    4. I do not sweep the fabric. On three sides, with the exception of the top, I make small bends and fix them with pins. Later there will be a machine line.
    5. In the upper part leave some free material. I mark this area on the workpiece with pins. It will be required to hide the braid or cornice.
    6. I spend all the bells and whistles on the typewriter. As a result, seams are obtained along the edge of the fabric, and the material gets a finished and beautiful look.
    7. I return to the free material at the top. Fabric fold in half to get a double layer of material. For even stitching I fasten the material with studs, and only after that I use a typewriter.
    8. It remains to make strings. The curtains can be moved and pushed open or tied up by means of ribbons.In the latter case, the effect is more interesting.
    9. For strings I use material from which I sew curtains. You can use a fabric of a different texture and color.

    The country curtains are ready. It remains to hang on the eaves and enjoy their beauty.

    At home, sew curtains for the bedroom, kitchen or hall is not difficult. Hand-made curtains have many advantages, it is better to warm the interior of a room than factory counterparts.

    Good luck and see you soon!

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