• How to see dreams?

    Dreams. They help us sleep, we believe them, we fear them. But still we can not live without them. How to see dreams? To do this, you must first answer the question, what is a dream. A dream, a romanticized state, endowed with some supernatural properties, is a test and not a mystical process. Sleep is a special state of the brain.

    How a person dreams

    Our life consists of three phases: wakefulness, long-wave sleep and short-wave sleep. We see the dreams, pictures or images during our third phase of the state of our body. It is during shortwave sleep that our body most fully rests and restores. Such a state cannot be long, although sometimes it seems to us that we had a dream all night. Staying in this phase does not allow us to control and feel the time. It is in this state that our subconscious speaks to us. In this state, a person stays when very tired. There are special techniques that allow you to dream more often. And it is not always hard physical labor.

    How often to dream

    There are some interesting recipes for dreaming more often.

    • flyers in the fresh air. The blood is saturated with oxygen, its current is accelerated, physical stress on the body is training muscles. After such walks, the body especially requires a couple of hours of good sleep. Especially good to sleep after walks in the pine forest.
    • A little exercise before bedtime. Only in no case should not swing muscles. Before bed, it is best to do stretching exercises. The tension will go away from the arms, legs, back, neck and shoulders. They will be filled with pleasant tiredness. And you will pull into sleep almost immediately. After such exercises, dreams are practically guaranteed.
    • Proper breathing. The secrets of yoga will help you improve the quality of your sleep. Having learned how to breathe correctly and doing this simple complex before bedtime, you will learn to spend less time on sleep, get enough sleep more fully and see dreams. The secret is simple: breathing in the eight. You need to slowly inhale through your nose for four counts, hold your breath for yes of count, breathe out through your mouth again for four counts and again hold your breath for two counts.
    • Tinctures of herbs. Grandmother's secrets will help and improve sleep, and will teach dreams to see.For example, tincture of hops or motherwort.
    • Also help juniper and lavender pads. Putting such a pillow in bed, closer to your head, under a large pillow, you will ensure a quiet and healthy sleep. Juniper also helps cure a cold. And, therefore, improve breathing, and with it sleep.

    We have given only a few common ways to help dream more often. All of them are based on proper breathing. Proper breathing and a healthy lifestyle.

    What not to do if you want to dream.

    • If you smoke, then in no case does not need to smoke before bedtime. Cheer up not cheer up, but the dream will go away.
    • Try not to drink alcohol at night. You may have dreams, but in the morning your state of health will be far from ideal.
    • Do not spend a lot of time before bedtime in front of a monitor or a TV screen.

    We hope that this article will help you learn to see dreams when you want it. You yourself were convinced that there is nothing complicated about it.

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