• How to save gerberas?

    Kristina Firsova
    Kristina Firsova
    March 26, 2013
    How to save gerberas?

    Beautiful bouquets are always pleasing to the eye. It's so nice to get a bouquet of flowers for a holiday or even for no reason, especially if it is a colorful and lush gerbera. Unfortunately, a cut flower cannot stand for long. But there are several ways to keep gerberas longer.

    In order for the flowers to stand longer, up to about two weeks, you need to apply a few tricks. Take a vase, its size also plays an important role. The fact is that a container with high walls is necessary for the flower head to rest on them, since the stems are very tender and the inflorescence is rather heavy.

    • Prepare the water. Only the settled water is suitable for gerberas. Gerberas are afraid of chlorine and react badly to it. Therefore, it is necessary that the liquid stood for a few hours, settled. In order to know how to keep gerberas in a vase, you need to take care of the water first. To prevent flowers from wilting while the water is settling, place them in a bath. Now you can begin cutting the stem.
    • The stem should be cut off under water, and the bath is good for this.Take a sharp knife. It is a sharp knife, not scissors and not a pruner! Cut a few centimeters (2-5 cm) from the stem. It is better to make the bouquet small, because the flowers are better preserved, when the stem is short. The initial pruning may be insignificant, because every three days the stem must be trimmed to a centimeter or two. Try not to cut the leg of the flower, but cut it off with one motion. Make the cut obliquely, not straight. This is another recommendation for how to save gerberas longer.
    • When the water has settled, you need to add an activated carbon tablet to it to clean it. You can use aspirin or citric acid (no more than two drops). Now pour water into the vase. No more than one third of the tank should be filled. Put flowers and enjoy the beauty of gerberas!

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