• How to save garlic in the winter?

    Vera Shiryaeva
    Vera Shiryaeva
    November 4, 2014
    How to save garlic in the winter?

    Many people think that storing garlic in the winter is not so difficult - just put it in a dry place. Therefore, it is simply tied up in braids or braids and hung out in dry rooms. This method of storage is traditional, and in principle, it can be used. But there are other more effective options for storing garlic in the winter.

    Garlic storage methods

    • Garlic can fall asleep in wooden boxes and put them in a dark, dry place. It is important to periodically sort out the heads to monitor the quality of storage.
    • Lay the garlic in synthetic tights and hang in a dry place. Can be used for this and linen bags.
    • There is a method of storage in glass jars. To do this, unpeeled garlic is placed in pre-washed and sterilized jars, which are closed with a plastic lid. Some flour can be added to the inside, it will restrain the increase in humidity inside the vessel.
    • Garlic is placed in wooden boxes in one layer, then sprinkled with either coarse salt or sawdust.Then another layer of garlic is laid out on top and again all this is sprinkled with salt or sawdust. And so, until the box is filled to the edge.
    • If you want to keep a small amount of garlic, you can use small glass jars. To do this, garlic must be cleaned, poured into a pre-sterilized jar and pour vegetable oil. All this is closed with a lid and placed in the refrigerator. Shelf life, in principle, is not limited.

    As you can see, the storage methods are not small.

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