• How to return a thing if it does not fit

    Contact the store with the goods for exchange and check. If there is no such document, find other evidence of your purchase. For example, you can bring a witness with you when you buy clothes in this particular store.
    Inform the seller that you want to return the goods. At your discretion, you can get back the money spent or you can exchange the goods for the same at the cost. Consider that if you bought goods on sale, then you can only return the amount you paid yourself, even if after the sale the prices for the purchased goods increased.
    If the seller refuses you for any reason, contact the manager or even the store director if the outlet is small. Explain the situation to them again. It is possible that more qualified staff will more adequately perceive your desire to replace the product.
    If the administration categorically does not want to meet you, contact the Society for the Protection of Consumer Rights at the place of residence. There you can get legal advice about the scenario of your further actions.
    If you are talking about a very expensive purchase, sue the seller. The adoption of a court decision and all sessions may take up to six months or more. In this case, in the event of loss of the claim on you will be the costs associated with the actions of the court. It is also advisable to hire a lawyer or would like to meet with him several times to discuss with him a court action strategy that will help you get your money back.

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