• How to resist aggressive behavior in children

    Try to figure out the root cause of these aggressive bursts. Perhaps a teenager gets tired of school workloads or there are difficulties in relations with his peers. Perhaps, you surrounded your child with excessive care, and his aggressive behavior is just a way to get rid of her?
    Children absorb the manners and behavior of others, like a sponge. Quite often they copy the behavior of adults around them. It may be necessary to analyze the methods of communication and behavior in the family circle. Perhaps the child is a witness to a relationship. Such moments need to try to exclude.
    Remember - there should be no reciprocal aggression. A negative response surge will only worsen the contact being established. Try to react calmly and balanced to any rudeness.Try to convey to the consciousness of the child that the manifestation of emotions is normal, but encourage them to express them in a friendly form.
    Develop a child's ability to express emotions in a respectful manner. Try jointly rebuild the aggressive phrases pronounced by the child, selecting and using censorship and polite vocabulary. Just do not be too annoying. If your son or daughter does not want to communicate at the moment, transfer the conversation to another time.
    Show maximum patience and tact, so as not to cause even more embitternment. The child does not know how to convey his emotions in words, hence aggression, so understand the reason together.

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