• How to remove yourself from the evil eye?

    If things are not going very well, and problems are flowing like a horn of plenty, there is a chance that the person has been jinxed. In this case, you can go to the witch or magician, so that he took off the evil eye, but there is a chance to run into charlatans who will pull money. So, it is worth thinking about how to remove the evil eye yourself. There are several simple ways to get rid of a negative program.

    How to remove yourself with the evil eye with a candle?

    If you are a baptized Christian, then you can perform a ritual with the use of a candle to remove the evil eye. It must be purchased in the church. At the beginning of the ceremony, light a candle and, holding it in your right hand, lead near your body, while reading the prayer “Our Father”. Need to start with the head. If a candle near one or another part of the body is intensely and visibly smoking, the flame crackles and a putrid odor appears, then these are manifestations of the evil eye or damage. Cross over these areas 7 times while pronouncing the last line of prayer.After such a ceremony should be much easier. Moreover, you will feel a surge of strength, as your aura is cleared of negativity.

    Appeal to church

    Reflecting on the question of how to remove the evil eye, you can go to church. To do this, you must order a prayer for health for 40 days. However, during all this time it is recommended to observe the post. It is also advisable to drink holy water and to abandon the use of intoxicants, including alcohol.

    You can remove the damage with the help of prayers. The priests advised to turn to St. Nicholas and Cyprion, as they were known for their ability to heal and heal. But it is necessary to pray with faith and a pure heart, this should be done daily. You need to ask these saints about cleansing the body and spirit from the negative influence of ill-wishers.

    Removing spoilage using eggs

    How to remove the evil eye, without resorting to outside help? This can be done using eggs. It should be fresh and always with white shells. To remove the evil eye, the egg should be rolled on the body or on a photograph of a person in a clockwise direction. Need to start with the head.During the ritual it is necessary to read the plot of purification, its text can be chosen arbitrarily.

    At the end of the procedure, you need to break the egg into a transparent glass with water; the form of yolk and protein determines the effectiveness of removing the evil eye. If they have the usual color and appearance and were at the bottom, then the ceremony was successful. Otherwise, it will have to be repeated. Water with used egg should be poured into a hole dug in the ground.

    The removal of the evil eye with holy water

    Removing the evil eye with the help of holy water is advised by many magicians, since this method is safe and quite simple. To do this, you will need to read the “Our Father” prayer immediately after awakening, and then wash yourself with holy water, reading the following plot: “The evil eye, from where it came, go there and go! In the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. Amen". You can repeat this ritual with a breakdown, an unimportant course of affairs, or deterioration of health. After it, you will feel an improvement in mood, increase the tone of the body.

    Damage is practically no different from the evil eye, so you need to know its main features in order to remove it in time.

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