• How to remove the gearshift lever?

    May 24, 2015
    How to remove the gearshift lever?

    Most often, the main reasons for which you want to replace the automotive gear selector are various mechanical damage that cannot be repaired. Over time, the quality of the element decreases. If the base of the part is in good condition, it will be sufficient only to change the sleeves or plastic supports. Consider how to remove the gearshift lever to replace it.

    Disassembly steps

    To perform dismantling is necessary.

    1. Remove the leather case from the lever.
    2. Disconnect the fasteners from the decorative plastic tunnel and remove it from the passenger compartment.
    3. After performing these steps, you can proceed to dismantling the lever. First, unscrew the mounting nut and remove the bolt from the axle.
    4. Then you need to unscrew all the bolts that secure the lever to the body.
    5. Carefully turn the lever over and remove it by removing the cover from the base.

    The process of installing a new lever is performed in the reverse order. If only one of the elements has failed, the lever should be disassembled. First, its axis is extracted. You can disconnect this part after removing the plastic sleeves.Opening the lever, you can begin to replace items that have failed. Before assembly, the element must be lubricated with a grease compound. If necessary, you can replace the shabby leather case with a new one.

    Now you know how to replace the gearshift lever, and you can do it yourself, without contacting the car service center.

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