• How to remove the blue screen

    And if the single appearance of a blue screen is not yet a cause for panic, and can only be a sign of an accidental failure of one of the system components that function at the level of its core (for example, the driver of one of the devices), the constant appearance of a blue screen is a reason for anxiety. In this case, the user's task is not to remove the blue screen, but to eliminate the reason for its appearance.

    1. The simplest reason for the appearance of a blue screen that an ordinary user can independently diagnose and even try to remove the blue screen can be a malfunction of the hard disk. First, start the disk check. If the scan reveals bad sectors, it means that you need to copy valuable information to another medium as soon as possible and replace the disk.
    2. Another reason for the appearance of a blue screen is the incorrect operation of the RAM. To get rid of the blue screen, firstly conduct a memory test using any utility designed for this (for example, the popular TestMem), and then proceed depending on its results.If an unstable memory operation is detected, the only thing that an experienced user can do, besides buying and installing new memory modules, is to try to remove the oxide film from the contacts of the memory boards, which can prevent the passage of electrical impulses. To do this, de-energize the computer, open the case, carefully remove the memory modules and clean their contacts (this can be done with a regular school eraser), then reinstall the memory, close the case and turn on the computer. It is enough and just take out the memory and insert it back. A repeated memory test will show whether any positive changes have occurred.
    3. The next step, if the blue screen is not willing to disappear, should, unfortunately, be a reinstallation of the system. Do not forget to make a backup copy of all valuable data.

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