• How to remove stains from the carpet

    You will need
    • - hydrogen peroxide;
    • - baking soda;
    • - acetic acid;
    • - dishwashing liquid;
    • - White wine;
    • - water;
    • - spray;
    • - paper napkins;
    • - clean cloth;
    • - soft sponge;
    • - a vacuum cleaner.
    If you find a stain on the carpet, immediately try to remove it by wiping the soiled area with a clean napkin or a dry cloth. So you can prevent the penetration of dirt into the fibers.
    Try to remove the remaining traces with a mixture of hydrogen peroxide and regular baking soda. Mix half a glass of peroxide with two tablespoons of soda, let the mixture settle, and then pour it into the spray unit.
    Spray the settled composition on the contaminated place, and then wipe the stain with a clean, dense cloth. Remove excess fluid with a paper towel. To dry the treated surface, use a stream of air from a fan or a household dryer. If after treatment there is an unpleasant smell, apply baking soda to the stain, wait a while, and then remove the residue with a vacuum cleaner.
    Try to treat the stain on the carpet with a composition consisting of hydrogen peroxide and acetic acid. After spraying such a composition, it is necessary to wait until the liquid penetrates into the fibers and dries. After that, apply soda to the contaminated area, which will later also be easy to clean with a vacuum cleaner.
    Stains from alcohol or blood thoroughly rinse with cold water, removing excess liquid with a napkin. Then rinse the problem area with a composition containing a liter of water, a spoon of dishwashing detergent and a spoonful of wine vinegar. Allow the composition to dry. After this treatment, the stain, as a rule, disappears.
    Remove stains from red wine by pouring white wine on its surface. When fluid is absorbed into the fibers, wash the contaminated area with clean cold water and wipe dry. It is also advisable to sprinkle the stain with fine salt, wait a few minutes and then vacuum the carpet.
    Pay close attention to fruit stains. It is desirable to withdraw them as soon as possible. Remove the remains of fruit from a carpet, and then a soft sponge process a surface of a spot. Apply a water solution of wine vinegar and a mild dishwashing detergent to the stain.Allow the composition to dry. If the stain persists, repeat the treatment. When the problem area is dry, vacuum it.

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