• How to remove facial hair forever

    How to remove facial hair forever

    Facial hair removal at home and not only.

    “I really want to get rid of the antennae above the upper lip. Already tired of pulling out, and very painful when you need to pull out directly above the lips. Still the skin becomes irritable. Please advise how it is still possible, and also with the help of which methods to remove facial hair permanently at home or in other ways! ”


    Facial hair- this is a completely natural thing, which is invented by nature. We have almost the whole body in the hair. Individual women are more fortunate, and their hair is almost invisible on the face, and on the contrary, some of them have very distinguishable facial hair. An interesting site of advice for everyone, tells about the possible moments of the appearance of hairs on the face of the fair sex and how this hair is removed forever.


    Causes of excess facial hair in women



    To remove the hair on the face of a womanforever, it is necessary to have information about the reasons for their occurrence. There may be many reasons for this:


    Menopause. This is one of the most common causes of intense hair growth in the face. This is because when the function of the ovaries hardens, an increased formation of the male hormone, the androgen, begins. It is he who activates the growth of hair on the face.


    Puberty. At this time, too, a variety of hormonal changes occur in the human body, which also initiate changes in the structure of the hair. In the end, what was hidden appears more clearly. And again, the primary culprit is androgen. Women who have a lot of this hormone in their blood, usually have unwanted hair on their face!


    Hirsutism. This is a disease in which there is a very large amount of male sex hormones in the female body. Circumstances worsen over time, that is, the more an adult a woman becomes, the more unnecessary hair appears. This happens when there is no special treatment. Of course, that hirsutism initially needs to be diagnosed by a doctor, and only then go to the beauty salon.


    Heredity. If your mother has hair on her face, it is possible that they are present at you!


    Hormonal imbalance, polycystic ovary syndrome. In this case, the level of male hormones in the female blood is also increased, and the result is an excessive amount of hair on the face and body, which you so want to rid.


    Acceptance of some medications.


    How to remove excess facial hair forever?



    How to remove facial hair. To get rid of facial hair forever, you can make treatment in 2 directions: use drugs that regulate the production of androgen in the body, and apply the various achievements of cosmetologists.


    Drugs that regulate hair growth


    How to remove facial hair foreverTherefore, there is a list of drugs that can reduce the formation of male hormones in the body of women:


    Birth control pills. They are often used to get rid of various women's problems, for example, excess facial hair. Interestingly, certain types of contraceptive drugs are very effective from increased body hair.


    Spironolactone(Aldactone).There is a blocking effect of androgens on the hair follicles. In addition, it suspends the formation of these hormones in the human body.


    Ketoconazole. Functions in a similar way.
    Undoubtedly, before every use of the drug, you need to consult a doctor. This is not aspirin - it's drugs that affect our hormones! Take a look at this very seriously and do not prescribe anything to yourself.


    Cosmetology for removing facial hair at home



    With regards to cosmetological effects to remove facial hair almost forever, then there is something to prefer.


    Plucking facial hair with tweezers

    Plucking - the procedure is inexpensive, but sick, at home you can do it yourself. Better plucking is suitable for getting rid of chin hair. But do not forget that plucking leads only to the fact that the hair on the face becomes much thicker.


    Waxing facial hair

    Waxing is the most common method of getting rid of facial hair, it can be done independently in normal home conditions. The result remains for a long time.Suitable for those who have the initial and usual stage of hair growth, there is epilation with sugar and other exotic methods of epilation. In shops there is a large selection of wax, specialized for removing hair from the face. Even this procedure can be performed in beauty salons.Minus: hair on the face must grow to a sufficient length to remove wax. Some time you will need to walk with hair!


    Facial hair discoloration

    At first glance, this method of facial hair removal is not difficult and cheap. On the other hand, such a procedure can cause irritation, especially if you have vulnerable skin. Moreover, a good bleaching agent will need to be found.


    Depilatory cream

    How to remove facial hair forever

    How to remove the antennae on the face at home.

    Depilatory cream is recognized as the most ineffective method, and that's because of what.


    The first, a similar method of hair removal on the face does not give a lasting effect.


    The second, a depilatory cream can provoke skin irritation.


    The third, on the face can form even more visible and thickened hair.
    Depilatory cream does not affect the hair follicle, because the hair continues to grow with the same swiftness.No lasting effect!


    Electrolysis, electrolysis


    Electrolysis- the most effective method of getting rid of excess facial hair. It gives good results, because during the procedure, the hair follicle is destroyed when using weak electrical impulses. To achieve the desired effect, it will take five to six procedures, and it would be good to produce them in a beauty salon.Minuses: the procedure is rather painful, especially for people with susceptible skin. Moreover, sometimes where the hair was, there are slightly visible scars. Electrolysis - the procedure is quite lengthy and laborious.


    Laser hair removal and photoepilation


    Laser and photo-epilation is one of the most successful methods of facial hair removal almost forever, but not at home and it is not possible to make it yourself.pros- swiftness, almost complete painlessness, they get rid of hair forever (but, this will require several visits), in addition, a small number of contraindications.


    During the procedure, the beam of the device reports a certain amount of heat to the hair follicle, as a result, it collapses and the hair stops growing.This procedure has a narrow action, for this reason there is no irritation of the skin near the skin surface. They say that these methods of getting rid of hair are suitable only for dark hair. But life does not stand still, and there are devices that can get rid of hairs of every type - and very bright and thin. It is only necessary to look carefully!Minuses:quite expensive! Laser removal and photoepilation on the antennae has a higher cost.


    I want to remind the well-known truth: never in your life shave your hair around the face. This is the fastest method of getting rid of them, but you do not want to always be prickly ?!


    In addition: remember that increased facial hair on the face may indicate a serious disease in the human body. Because of this, do not be ashamed to see a doctor. It is necessary to confront. We wish you to be healthy and attractive. Not always at home you can achieve a good result, if you carry out the removal of facial hair on their own.


    There are many ways to effectively remove facial hair: thread, potassium permanganate, epilator, etc. But all these methods should be applied very carefully, because they can harm your delicate skin of the face.

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