• How to relax the muscles?

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    How to relax the muscles?

    Often, when performing physical work, there is an overstrain of different muscles of the body. This naturally leads to discomfort, the inability to perform simple movements or work. Therefore, the muscles must be relaxed. Let's learn how to relax your muscles.

    Neck muscles

    The neck muscles are overstressed due to improper body position, prolonged work at the computer. In the cervical-collar zone, the blood circulation and the nutrition of the spine are impaired. Therefore, it is very important to relax the neck muscles in time so that there are no negative consequences.


    The first thing you can do when muscles are cramped is exercise.

    • Lift and lower the shoulders;
    • Move your shoulders in a circle, either forward or backward;
    • Lean your head in different directions;
    • Slowly turn your head to the right and left.

    Another very effective massage of the neck and collar zone.

    Relaxation sessions

    To perform relaxation sessions should be every day. This will not only relax the muscles, but also reduce physical overload.

    Sessions require silence or calm music. It is better to relax lying in comfortable clothes. First you need to strain the muscles of the neck, and then release and concentrate on your feelings.

    You can then add a breathing exercise:

    • It is necessary to take a deep breath with your nose, and then exhale strongly.
    • Then hold your breath and repeat the exercise again.
    • Having done so 5 times, you need to sit, eyes closed, and focus on the feeling of serenity.

    Very often overstretched and leg muscles. We walk a lot, always in a hurry. And women walk in high heels, which also leads to muscle strain. And those people who have to stand on duty — sellers, hairdressers — are subject to such leg problems.

    Leg muscles


    • Lift your leg and, bending it at the knee, shake it. Also make the second leg. Repeat five times for each leg.Muscle
    • Bend your leg at the knee and try to get the heel to the buttocks. Then relax your leg. Repeat for each leg five times.
    • Grab one leg under the knee and lift. Then relax it and swing your shin in the air with your hands. Do this with the second leg. Repeat five times.
    • Lie on your back, bend your knees, and shake them.


    Well helps with muscle tension and massage. Of course, it is best if the massage is performed by a real specialist. But you can handle it yourself. First, stroke the leg with force, then rub it with force, and then shake the leg and finish by stroking. Learn how to stretch the muscles, you can in the article How to stretch the muscles.

    Muscle relaxants

    If pain bothers very often, you should use special drugs. For example, ointment "Finalgon", "Neovitin". These ointments relieve inflammation and relieve pain. It is necessary to apply the ointment on the part of the leg that hurts and wrap it in a warm cloth. You can take a course of treatment in 10 days, smear a sore spot should be twice a day.

    Sometimes the muscles of the face tighten as well. And the frequent overstrain of these muscles leads to the appearance of wrinkles.

    Facial muscles


    • Close your eyes and raise your eyebrows with a slow sigh. Hold this position for a second. And then exhale and lower the eyebrows. Repeat three times.
    • Strain and round the wings of the nose, as if you are outraged. Inhale and exhale, as you exhale, relax your wings.Do the exercise three times.Muscle
    • Slowly squeeze lips, as if for a kiss. Then hold your breath for a second and exhale, relaxing your muscles. Repeat two or three times.
    • Squinting slightly, smile wide. And then exhale and relax the muscles of the face.
    • Slowly squeeze the teeth and lips, tighten the muscles of the chin. Your face should depict displeasure. Then exhale, relax the muscles.

    If you want to learn how to relax your back, read our article How to relax your back.

    In general, if you want to relieve the tension accumulated during the day and relax all muscle groups, take a bath. Water will remove the pain, soothe and relax. The bath should be warm enough, but not hot. In the water, you can add sea salt, herbs or oils. While taking a bath, drop all thoughts and relax, but do not sit in the water for more than twenty minutes.

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