• How to recover TIN?

    Galina Uneasy
    Galina Uneasy
    April 1, 2013
    How to recover TIN?

    Each person must have a certain set of documents. Such documents include employment record, passport and certificate of assignment of an individual taxpayer number, in short - TIN. It is also very important to know how to get these documents or recover them in case of loss. Today we will talk about how to recover the TIN.

    TIN Assignment

    For the first time, an individual number is assigned to every citizen who has reached the age of majority. The TIN is assigned to a person once for a lifetime, he never changes. It is impossible to select a code number, a person receives it depending on the date of birth and the order in which the code is received. Gives TIN tax authority at the place of registration of the person.

    Re-issuing INN

    If you lose the certificate of assignment of an individual code, you can restore the TIN. In order to do this, it is necessary to perform several simple manipulations. First of all, you need to write a statement about the loss of the document.The application format can be found on the Internet, as well as obtained from the tax authority. Such a statement is filled out manually, very carefully and clearly. In order to fill it in, it is necessary to know the data of the passport or other document that certifies the identity of the person. Also, the exact address of the place of residence, including the index, the number of the last registration and the date of the former place of residence, if any. The statement will need to indicate that the document with the TIN was lost. The reasons for the loss of the document is not necessary.

    Also, figuring out how to recover a lost TIN, you will need to provide a receipt for the tax service. TIN recovery - the procedure is not free. Regardless of how quickly you will need to get a new document, its recovery will cost 200 rubles. If it is necessary to urgently restore the certificate with the code, then it will cost 400 rubles. The deadline for re-issuance of the document is 5 working days after application. The term of urgent restoration of the document is the day from the moment of application.

    The place where you can easily recover the TIN is the tax service at the place of residence.

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