• How to read manga?

    Elena Shchugoreva
    Elena Shchugoreva
    December 6, 2012
    How to read manga?

    Manga is a whole cultural direction in Japan. Until the 50s of the last century, manga was poorly developed, but even then it consisted of many genres - fantasy, detective story, humor, science fiction, horror, business. In the second half of the 20th century, manga turned into a whole business industry. Books with so-called "Japanese comics" have become very popular, they are still read by representatives of all ages and social classes. Therefore, it is so widely explained in various sources how to read manga. Based on these cartoon stories, animated films are made in the anime genre. Sometimes there is a reverse process.

    How to read manga

    In Japan, everything is written and read from right to left, while we have the opposite. This is the main problem of reading manga. There are two types of translation. The first, licensed, gives a completely correct perception of the comic. Pictures are shifted in the order we are accustomed to (from left to right), as they do with direct speech or commentary bubbles.Manga fans in other countries have their own complaints about this type of translation, so they write whole treatises on how to properly read manga. The second method, pirated, "mirrors" the picture, but does not touch the translation. Therefore, it turns out the distortion of the meaning of manga, the eye perceives information is very transformed.

    Experts recommend reading or licensed translation of manga, or in the Japanese version, that is, the original. Many Japanese publishing houses selling manga rights in Europe ask not to "mirror" the works, to leave them in their original form. And in many countries where manga is popular, its fans have long been accustomed to reading it in the Japanese manner, from right to left.

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