• How to quickly relax

    You will need
    • - aroma lamp, incense sticks,
    • - music,
    • - green tea,
    • - the book.
    When you come home, take off your stiffening clothes, change into a comfortable home suit or pajamas and lay down on the bed. Lie down for a few minutes dreaming about something. You can turn on soothing music or the sounds of nature, imagine that you are not at home, but on the seashore, in the forest or in any place where you feel peaceful and safe.
    Buy incense sticks or light an aroma lamp. Read an interesting book or watch an entertaining TV show. Drink a cup of green tea or black tea with mint. It will help you to relax and pleasantly warm the body.
    A good way to relax is dancing. During them, the head is freed from unnecessary thoughts, endorphins are produced in the body, relaxation occurs. It is not necessary to go to a nightclub, you can turn on the music loudly right at home, close the curtains and dance, not hesitating to prying eyes.
    Also, relaxation due to physical stress can be attributed to sports. During them you will distract from daily problems and clarify your thoughts. You can just go for a run in a nearby park or ride a bike.
    A good and very common way to relax is meditation. Of course, it is unlikely that from the first time you will be able to completely and completely relax thanks to her. But with regular workouts, starting with a couple of minutes a day, you can achieve full mastery of this practice. Buy a comfortable mat for meditation, ventilate the room. Turn on slow soothing music and get started.
    If, being alone, it is difficult for you to distract from working thoughts and completely relax, invite friends to visit. And even better - go with them to a restaurant or cinema. A change of scenery also contributes greatly to relaxation and eliminates unnecessary thoughts. The main thing is try to help yourself if you feel it is time to relax. No work is worth the nervous tension, because it can affect relationships with others, and your health.

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