• How to punish a girl?

    Everyone knows that a girl's heart can be won by attention, care and affection. But life is a rather complicated and controversial thing. And sometimes a girl (intentionally or unintentionally) commits actions that should not be ignored and which require a harsh reaction. How can I punish a girl?

    Let's first understand what girls are usually punished for.

    What can you punish a girl

    Naturally, there is not and cannot be a universal list of actions for which any girl will automatically receive punishment. Such a list each forms for itself. If you intend to build a long and strong relationship with this girl, you should know in advance what actions from your half you will not tolerate next to you under any circumstances. These actions will inevitably discord your relationship and disturb your peace of mind and balance.

    The most common misconduct of girls:

    • the desire to talk in high tones and cause insults;
    • the desire to argue constantly and without much reason, and by all means insist on one's own;
    • demonstrative or secret disobedience, violation of what was previously agreed;
    • showing interest in another guy, cheating;
    • systematic delays, lack of response to calls and SMS.

    Such actions are better removed in the bud, than living with them in a state of constant conflict.

    What you need to remember before punishing a girl

    • The purpose of punishing a girl is to change her behavior. If you are not going to continue with her relationship, and just want to punish for wounded pride - better restrain yourself. With your reaction, you must show that you will continue to meet with her if she stops doing so. Otherwise, just put an end to the relationship.
    • Do not hurt the girl, neither physical nor moral. This will not improve the situation, but will only aggravate it. In addition, the use of physical force and the offending entails responsibility. For a girl can stand the state, relatives, friends. And then they can already punish you for the wrong choice of methods of punishment.
    • If you decide to punish the girl, be firm and do what you promised her. Often the girls themselves unconsciously test you for determination. If you change your mind, you risk losing respect.
    • Punish only serious offenses. Hysteria in every small matter is not a man’s trait.

    Effective way to punish a girl

    How to punish a girl so that she realizes her mistake? If a girl repeatedly commits an act that you consider unacceptable (after you have explained to her easily what is wrong with her and why you cannot do this), then the best way to punish her is to ignore it. Let her know that if she continues to behave in this way, she will lose you. If a girl shows that she is ready to change, forgive her. After that, your relationship will improve. If she insists on her, then this is not your girlfriend. You failed to interest her. The best course of action in this case is to find yourself the other half.

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